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… a blog that hasn’t been updated in almost a year.  /sigh
Ok, so, clearly, much has happened in that amount of time, so gimme a few days (read: at least a week) to get the front page all rearranged and settled, and let’s see if we can get this boat back on the water. Or something.


Especially since Cataclysm, leveling in WoW is not hard.  Heirlooms, Looking for Dungeon, and the new streamlined questing experience in the old world have all helped contribute to a smoother, simpler leveling experience.

That said, I am still absolutely appalled by the amount of rude, anti-social, and downright terrible behavior I’m seeing in PuG groups in leveling instances.

Since we are bringing our own tank and healer to every group, we’re only witnessing this behavior from DPS; however, I’m sure that they’re not the only ones guilty of doing things like this – they’re just the only ones I’m seeing.

Things a DPS can do that makes it highly likely I’m going to put them on ignore:

  • Pull extra trash packs, bosses, or wander off by yourself to get killed and then beg for a rez.
  • Roll need on everything – all the boss drops, the greens, the recipes and random gems that drop.
  • Put yourself on follow for me (the healer), and only push buttons when a roll pops up.
  • Complain that we’re not pulling fast enough when I have to sit and drink – this is extra annoying if the only reason I have to sit and drink is because you pulled extra mobs, and although we didn’t die, my mana bar is whimpering a little from the strain.
  • Start escort quests, summon optional bosses, or start events when the rest of the group isn’t ready.

The biggest contributing factor to whether or not I put someone on ignore is attitude, though. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone is new to the game at some point. Everyone facepulls now and then. However, if your response to being called out for your bad behavior in a group is any of the following? You’ve just bought yourself an express ticket to my ignore list.


“umad bro?”

“y so serious? it’s just a game”

“i’ll pull if i want to.”

“stop whining and let’s finish this”

For the love of Azeroth, if you’re going to do instances with strangers while you’re leveling (and it’s perfectly viable to not set foot in a single one prior to Cataclysm), act like a human being.  Don’t be that paladin who – when he decided we weren’t pulling fast enough for him – tried half a dozen times to pull enough mobs to wipe us in Dire Maul, and eventually rage quit when he couldn’t.  Don’t be that rogue that needs on everything in the first half of strat, and then does less DPS than the healer on the last boss. Don’t be an egotistical little failmonkey who thinks he or she can solo the content, and resents the presence of others in the group – if you wanna solo something, feel free to do so.

However, if you happen to – just once – be that rogue that zones into an in-progress dungeon and says “OMG, I’m so sorry. I never expected the queue to pop that fast and I still have 2 minutes on rez sickness”? I will keep you consta-HoTted and keep your squishy butt alive until that rez sickness wears off. Gratz on being a respectful human being.

Disclaimer: I love my guildmates, both in Stands in Bad, and in Lunaris. The rest of Azgalor? Not so much lately.

And most of the time, that’s enough. I got through the second half of Wrath with only a couple moments of questioning the wisdom of transferring to a PvP server.

However, in the month since Cataclysm has been out? I have found myself not only questioning my decision but seriously considering rerolling on a PvE server, leaving all my hard work & dear friends behind, because if there’s one thing that can suck the fun out of playing this game faster than anything else? It’s people.

I say that thinking about every single person who thought it was hilarious to kill & camp someone 10 or more levels lower than them who was doing archeology. I say that, thinking about the mage* that followed my shaman on her herbing route, waited until I landed, then polymorphed me, picked the flower, made “some strange gestures”, mounted up, and waited for me to mount again, and just kept following me, no matter where I went or what flowers I was trying to pick. I say that, thinking of all the people who deliberately dip into the AoE of an opposite faction person to watch them get owned by guards.

A lot of the time, I don’t want to log on anymore. I don’t want to farm, or fish, or do dailies. I’d say I don’t even want to leave Stormwind or Orgrimmar, but then I remember the day that a raid of Hordies sat and camped the portal island in Stormwind, killing everyone who ported in before they knew what hit them or had time to react.

I get that part of it is that right now, resources are more dear. Everyone wants the same quest mobs. Just killing the person who is near what you want seems like a completely viable option. But that doesn’t explain the mass slaughter of lowbies leveling archeology, and it certainly doesn’t explain things like this, where a group of people decide that it’s TOTALLY fun to gang up on a bunch of people who are just trying to quest or farm.

I just don’t get it.

If you want to get in a big group and earn some honor, hit up a battleground. Fight people who are prepared and willing to fight back. Don’t gang up on people out in the world by themselves. Don’t kill characters so much lower than you that they have no hope of defending themselves. Otherwise, you’re not just an asshole – you’re a cowardly asshole.

A lot of people end up on PvP servers exactly the way I did – we hunted for a guild with raid times that fit our schedule, with a level of progression and an attitude we enjoyed.  We understood that that opens us up to world PvP. What I didn’t understand is the extent to which some people have to do things to make other people feel bad in order to feel good themselves.

I honestly don’t know what I would do if I could go back to the days before we made the move to Azgalor, and make the decision all over again, knowing what I know now.  We could have searched for months and not found people we fit so well with as the ones we’ve found here. But there are so many days lately where I feel the distinct disadvantage of being on a PvP server, in two guilds that are strictly PvE-oriented, and on those days, it really doesn’t feel worth it.

ETA: Some people clearly can’t handle it when someone tells it like it is**. A few hours after this post went I’m, I’m just hanging out in Stormwind when:

Stay classy, Brotherhood of Oblivion. With leadership that mature, I totally can see why forming a raid to kill people who are just minding their own business questing is a worthwhile use of your time.

*The first time? He engaged me in some good old-fashioned, fair 1v1. I lost, but it was a near thing. I don’t fault him for that. But I guess he was so upset at ALMOST dying, griefing me for the next half hour was his best hope of revenge? Fucker.

**This is, of course, the same GM who kicked me from his guild for advocating for fair policies. Anyone surprised? Anyone?

I’ve been grinding up archeology* on my death knight over the past few days, since a guildie was generous enough to make her a full set of level 80 crafted tanking gear, and I feel guilty as hell sitting at level 74 with all that stuff in my bags.

Now, I’ve poked at archeology on Ricktus quite a bit, and haven’t really run into any problems. But there’s something about my death knight that clearly ENRAGES all the level capped Horde on the entire continent.  Whereas on every other character, members of the opposite faction just keep doing their own digging and disregard me, my death knight has been killed – and camped** – more times than I can count.

Are people really that bored already? That killing a gnome with a pickaxe 11 levels lower than them is such an exciting sport? Really?

*Post incoming soon on why archeology is haxx for leveling, and why I may never quest in Northrend again.

**My definition of camped is not one kill, no. Not two kills, because that might just be bad luck. But when they kill me 5 or more times when I’m just trying to fly to the nearest inn to log out? That’s asshattery of the highest order, even on a PvP server. Yes, you’re a big man, you can 2 shot a toon with 12k MAXIMUM health as soon as she rezes. Good job, you.

ETA:  Apparently this is old news (VERY OLD NEWS – he was added back in patch 1.11.1!), but I’m leaving the post up because if I didn’t know this, chances are there are some other people out there who don’t know it either. I hope. Or I’m going to feel hella silly.

Yesterday, I’m running around Stormwind on Krikket doing the new cooking dailies (and so far? I hate the new cooking dailies. Just sayin’), and I find this guy hanging out in the Old Town Inn.

He’s got 13 cooking recipes that were previously only available by doing quests out in the world, usually quests of the annoying super-low drop rate variety.  Alliance characters who are working on their Chef de Cuisine achievement probably want to pay the man a visit. I haven’t looked up every recipe he carries, but I believe they’re all former quest rewards from quests that are no longer available post-Shattering.

I was hoping there’d be a Horde equivalent, but according to WoWhead, Kendor Kabonka is the one and only master of cooking recipes in Azeroth. I’m not sure if this was an oversight, or if Horde didn’t lose any of their quests that rewarded cooking recipes, or if the model of having one or two recipes on different vendors in different areas was the way they decided to go for Horde.

I am heartbroken that these are untamable, by the way.

This totally cracked me up this morning.

Alamo explains druids in Cataclysm (original source here):

They even maek a new form just for this!!

ALAMO teech abowt the CATTOKISSEM!

HEY GUSY! So ALAMO is just hiburninatin and hafin sum dreem where him is all in sum green thing with floaty bits and elf and stuffs and then him is WAKE UP and heer they got a doragn gonna eat all the world! THIS is sum FANSY STUFF!

A Thing is all carzy now, so maybe alamo gonna rite a thing before hims brekfust, for babee durids and for peeple to understand what a DUIRD DO! So now, while hims all awake and stuffs, ALAMO gonna teech U about this whole stuff!

1.) See, Kanye, him dont like a Bush, and Blizzard, they is dont liek a tree! So DURID aint got no more to be a tree. Alamo like a tree, but not when make a leef all over the carpet.

2.) They make a new thing, with CAT and KISS! But mostly CAT dont kiss, just jump on a thing and KILL IT ALL DEAD!

4.) But Crazed MOON DURID, is ok to make a kiss right on the ECLIPS!

5.) But dont only kiss a cat, because u know: CAT IS 4 FITE!

6.) So DURID gonna be so storng heer, maybe everbuddy gonna be a durid thees day!

7.) We got a bare. Him is not nise bare because him is gonna eat a fase! Bares mostly like the taste of fase!

6.) OK now a Bare, him like sum HEVY METAL! BARE GOTTA THRASH. Just liek a thing wares short and high top sneeker and shake long hare reeeely fast! But also, ware sum plug in an ear wen you make this THRASH, becawse it make a thing bleed!

7.) Also, all bare make peeple go fast when him RORE!! This is good, because a bare is deseptively fast. A Fast BARE, this is danjerus BARE! Bare don’t even allow in OLIMPIC, becawse wonse upon a time, a bare run a rase in OLIMPIC. Maybe he dosen’t win, but everduddy win after, becawse a BARE EAT ALL OTHER RASE MEN! Don’t rase a hungry bare, is what sumbuddy shuld tell peeple.

8.) MOON DURID, O yes wow man! Moon Durid hang out with 70’s rock band and now make a MUSH ROOM from a SECRET PLASE! Mushrooms make a thing ECPLOAD! Espeshully a brain, if u listen to a moon durid backwards, u hear some CARZY THING!

9.) Everbuddy liek a LOLCAT, make a funny say with a cute picshure! But now, picshure is not so cute, becawse a DURID now haf a TROLLCAT! Troll is make a talk all liek YAH MON. Maybe when trollcat and moondurid make a party together, is nobuddy remember not nothin next day!

10.) WOLF MAN can also make a durid. WOLF MAN DURID, O man Alamo dosen’t even haf to wear hims hot topic tee shirt no more! Now got all WOLF and CAT and BARE and MUCHROOM and SEEL and stuff all in same plase!


(no, I don’t know what happened to #3. Maybe druid is not for count?)

I cannot count the number on times someone from Stands In Bad has said “Oh god, I wish you could screen shot Vent”.

Enter Tzukiko! She is more than happy to make Vent screen-shot-able for our blogging pleasure. This happened in our last Ulduar achievement run:

(yep, it’s a new category, so I hope she continues to conveniently make our Vent conversations screen-shot-able)

Last night, I wasn’t feeling well, and someone who rarely gets to raid had a free night, so I gave her my raid spot.  So, in preparation for 4.0.1 and having to relearn how to play all my characters anyway, I decided to spend the night on Shadow Council running heroics on my discipline priest. It’s still unlikely I’ll ever go back to playing her regularly but she can buy heirlooms for the gnome mage I just rolled on that server (since apparently, Alix jacked all the caster heirlooms before transferring to Azgalor).

Memo to me: Don’t run random heroics on a toon with meh gear and four inches of dust on her.

Because what will happen is this.

You will get Halls of Forever. Your Halls of Forever group will have a tank who is both (a) new to tanking and (b) not terribly observant.

You will die when he fails to pick up one of those evil dwarf shaman-caster things, and he will CONTINUE TO PULL while you lie dead on the ground and the ret paladin and boomkin stay back to rez and innervate you respectively.

You will somehow magically pull the rock boss when you’re nowhere near him (I think I blame Starfall). You will wipe and the mage will take forever to find his way back into the portal.

The ret paladin will get mind controlled and one-shot the druid. This will all happen before you actually down the first boss, which you will just barely manage to do and then someone will say “Thank god for the bubble priest”. At this point, you will wonder what the hell you were thinking, lament being so completely and utterly terrible, but grit you teeth and go on.

If you are like me, and not usually prone to inspecting people, you will not realize just how fresh all of these other level 80s are until someone mentions it in party. When the follow it up with “But it’s ok, healz got a 4.7k GS, so we’re good”, you might actually cry a little.

Yes, my friends, that was my reintroduction to priest healing. We only wiped the once (I blame Starfall), but there were lots of deaths, and I spent the entire instance in a WUTISTHISIDON’TEVEN fugue. Thankfully, after that, my boyfriend was replaced in raid by our GM, and came over and tanked a few more for me. By the end of the night, I felt almost competent again…

… at least ’til 4.0.1 drops, right?

But I managed to pick up both the PvP staff and the chest before giving into the sleepies last night. I have a few more badges to go for the shoulders, and then I’ll feel like I can actually level Polli.

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