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… a blog that hasn’t been updated in almost a year.  /sigh
Ok, so, clearly, much has happened in that amount of time, so gimme a few days (read: at least a week) to get the front page all rearranged and settled, and let’s see if we can get this boat back on the water. Or something.

Guys, I know, I haven’t blogged in FOREVER.  So, instead of a deep, interesting, thought-provoking entry*, you get bullet-points. Sorry.

  • OMG Firelands dailies are full of suck. They are more full of suck on a PvP server, which Azgalor happens to be.  They are even MORE full of suck because the druids that accompany you to Setheria’s Roost are DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS and will pull shit (and attack opposite faction players) that you had NO DESIRE to attack. I’ve certainly rage-logged in the middle of trying to get this shit done more than once since it was released.
  • SiB is 3/7 Firelands. And we’re recruiting!  Come play with us!
  • Max level project is now 60% complete. Myndie, the little dwarf hunter who could, is now 85, geared for troll-roics, and only 3 bosses away from having completed all the T11 raid content. This is the first Azgalor-ian alt I’ve been really excited about since Cataclysm. Marksman huntering is amazingly fun, and I managed to tame Terropene so I have a fire turtle, and yeah. I can see why so many folks have hunter-mains.
  • That said? Shaman don’t have Hunter’s Mark. Pushing the button for Hunter’s Mark while playing Krikket turns me into a puppy. This is not actually doing anything for Krikket’s DPS. I’m just saying.
  • Elemental shaman 2-pc T12 is amazing. It didn’t sound that amazing in theory, and honestly? There are some fights it won’t do me a bit of good on.  But when I see I’m getting approximate 5k DPS from being able to basically have FIRE ELEMENTAL FOREVER? I get pretty damn excited.  Of course, it’d be way better if I could at least control him to the point of saying “YOU MORON! HIT THIS”.  There’s nothing more frustrating than dropping a totem that’s on a 10m cooldown and watching your fire elemental stand in the corner and pick his nose. Especially now that I know how much DPS he can actually do.
  • Krikket’s going to pick up a healing spec again, since the only PvP I’m doing right now is of the “completely involuntary” and “makes me ded quickly” varieties. I’m scared.
  • I think I want to rescue Savillaine from the status of “mostly retired” by faction transferring her.  The biggest problem I’m having with this is that I cannot decide what Alliance race she should be.  I think I have it narrowed down to Night Elf, Worgen, or Draenei. BUT I CAN’T DECIDE.
  • Cross-server LFG is actually the first “premium” feature that Blizzard has released that I think is amazing enough to pay for. Assuming, of course, that they keep the price reasonable. I expect we’re going to splurge on it for at least one of our accounts, if not both of them. I just wish it let you run with your cross-faction friends as well.
  • Because even though it’s been months now? I’m still missing folks from Lunaris. I still have Horde characters, but I just feel too awkward to even log into them.
  • Overall? I’m having fun in 4.2.  There’s so much I want to do, and not enough time to do it all. This is a good thing.

I feel like I’ve been running a lot of instances lately. Part of that is, I’m sure, the fact that the boyfriend is all of a sudden a Grim Batol magnet, and it always seems to take twice as long in there as any other heroic. Part of it is that I know have four toons at 85, and Valor Points are a pretty decent temptation to try to run at least one instance a day on each of them (and most days, I only do one or two, but sometimes I can get them all in).

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the “Vote To Kick” feature lately.

While running a Vortex Pinnacle with my priest and my boyfriend’s tanking death knight, we ran into quite a pair of DPS. We had very little CC for the elemental portion of the instance, and my boyfriend asked that everyone allow him a few seconds to pick up all the little guys before opening up. After a couple pulls where the mage got his face eaten, it went a lot smoother.  Then, just before the second room of star mobs, I get a “Vote Kick” up on my screen for my boyfriend with the note “Bad tank is bad”.

Well, we hadn’t wiped once. We had a couple of individual deaths when pulls went wrong, but nothing that would have warranted a kick in my mind had I been DPSing and the tank a PuG. When the kick didn’t pass, the mage and his friend basically decided to do nothing on the last boss so that we ended up wiping.

Now, personally? I hate using the vote kick. I know how long DPS queues are, and I know how frustrating it can be to be new or not terribly geared. I’ve never initiated a vote kick on someone for having low DPS. I’ve never initiated a vote kick on someone for asking questions or needing explanations.  I’ve never initiated a vote kick on someone who clearly just made a mistake, but I know people who will for any or all of those reasons.

When will I use the vote kick? When someone is being verbally abusive, absolutely. I really really don’t want to spend a hour with someone who prefers to swear at someone – even if it’s not me – in party, and complain about how everyone sucks, and so on. If you really need to say something like “We won’t down this boss unless we all step up the DPS”, fine. Say it as politely as you can, and if the group doesn’t seem to improve, you are free to leave.  But if you’re willing to play with unknown quantities, and if you use LFD – you are saying that’s something you’re willing to do – check your bad attitude at the instance portal.  If what you’re typing in party chat isn’t productive, keep it to yourself, snark to a friend or your guildmates, but demoralizing your instance group isn’t going to get you anywhere but swiftly kicked out the door.

I also like having the kick feature for say, that person who queues as tank for a heroic, and then refuses to tank, or is clearly not geared or specced for it. Same for someone who queues as healer and can’t or won’t do the job they signed up for. I don’t game the system, and I have no patience for people who try to and then expect me to pay for it. If I can wait in queue for 40 minutes in order to do an instance as DPS, so can they.

I would probably use the vote kick if someone was disconnected for more than a few minutes, but I find I rarely need to, because someone else in the group less patient than I am will usually do it first.

Other than in instances like those? I’m fairly patient. I will explain fights to a person who admits that it’s their first time doing an instance on heroic mode. Everyone is new at some point. We all did heroics when we needed the gear that dropped there.

But I’m constantly surprised at how NOT patient some people are, at how readily they vote to kick for any minor offense, real or imagined.

Do you use the vote kick system for reasons I haven’t mentioned? Are you more tolerant of sub-par DPS than sub-par tanks or healers? Is attitude everything, or do you regularly turn to vote kick to address performance issues?

Although it’s still a work-in-progress, and all features aren’t yet available, the new World of Warcraft Community site is available at
I haven’t played with it too much, but the new armory? TOTALLY SEXY!

If your characters aren’t showing up (they are sort of shadowed out), you will need to log on for them to load, I think. The only toons I can get to show up are the ones I played yesterday.

Sometimes, it really pays to not be in a huge rush to have the latest and greatest.

Blizzard is planning to hotfix the holiday meta to still award Master Riding. This is an indefinite change – in other words, if you don’t want to shell out the money, you can start working on holiday achievements next week and get 310% riding – at the end of the year.  Krikket is only missing one Hallow’s End achievement, so RNG-willing, I will have 310% riding on her before the end of the month.

We ended Ulduar early last night, and I asked if anyone wanted to come along for a ZA run. There’s a couple of us who’ve been actively chasing Mojo. The first amazing thing is that you no longer need 5 people to beat the gong boss – we got the door open with just two of us.  The second amazing this is:

Two of us walked out of ZA with a new happy frog pet!

Lastly, they’ve made a change to Heroic Setthek Halls – Anzu no longer needs to be summoned! So if you are at least honored with Lower City, you can go into Heroic Setthek Halls for a chance at the Raven Lord’s Mount. It probably is solo-able for most classes – especially if you have healing spells. I died a couple of times because I made terrible terrible pulls on trash, but I didn’t really have any issues with the bosses, but next time? I’m going to bring a lot more water because I did a lot of healing myself.

I have hesitated in posting upon this topic, because I feel like it’s been done, and it’s been done far far better than I ever could.

All I know is this, somewhere, somehow, this very serious word that means sexual assault got bastardized into something people do with swords and magic in video games. I don’t know how. I certainly don’t know why. What I do have a pretty good idea about is why I hate it.

Apple says it perfectly. Read it.


Before I forget to mention this:

Krikket will be appearing in some WoW-fan fiction. A dear friend & guildmate has started a fanfic blog called Elune Above, and I am both excited and flattered that he wanted to use my silly shaman girl in his story.

Clipped from Lunaris guild chat for your amusement.

Or perhaps just my amusement.


The dogs woke me up good and early this morning, and so – after a week or so of pretty strong WoW-apathy – I thought I’d make good use of the extra quiet time.

Krikket has just started grinding up her SSO rep (oh man, I remembered how to do none of those dailies!), and it’s Children’s Week, so there are pets to be gotten, and if I finished all that, Norrah could always fly around Sholozar Basin & get some random ore, right?

Except for that whole “maintenance day” thing which has all the servers down for another 4 hours, give or take.

It’s been a quiet blog week for me, and I’m not sure why. I mean, so far this week I’ve:

– Gotten my paladin to 80 & run enough heroics on her to get my first piece of T9 and my Libram of Renewal (which is hear is still full of OSM).

– Bought a Sparkle Pony after spending like a whole day trying to rationalize it*.

– Turned a significant portion of our 25 man raid into tiny bunnies while a couple of guildies valiantly battled the authentication server boss on Wednesday night.

– Been part of our guild’s first Valithria Dreamwalker rescue in 25s this week and failed to have enough DKP saved up to secure the Cloak of Amazingness (QQ).

Which is a lot, but the real reason I haven’t been updating is that every minute I’m not committed to WoW-stuffs? I’m sneaking away to play this:

*for the record? The key to rationalizing the Sparkle Pony? I NEVER HAVE TO BUY AN UGLY-ASS POKEY ELEKK MOUNT FOR AN ALT EVER AGAIN.**

**I hear caps lock is cruise control for cool.

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