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Once you have an handle on the basic configuration options in Satrina Buff Frames, then you can start to do fun extra things with it.

I’ve explained the basics of configuration here.

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I am going to do a short series on some of the million things you can do with Satrina Buff Frames 3, at the request of my lovely Lunaris guildie Barbi.

In this first part of the guide, I’m just going to cover the very basic process of setting up a buff frame for your character.

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I still remember when I discovered mouseover macros on Krikket. It was like an entirely new universe in healing opened up to me. Since then, I’ve had several healing characters, who used mouseover macros with different levels of effectiveness, and finally now, on Norrah, I’ve found the macro that does just about everything you could possibly ask for.

If you’ve been healing a long time, I’m probably not going to tell you anything you don’t already know (or haven’t already tried), but for the casual offspec healer, someone who’s completely new to healing, or someone who’s always wanted to try mouseover healing, but is afraid they’ll kill someone while they’re still getting used to it, read on:

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You have a new character that’s about to hit 80, and you know that the gear grind is coming. Maybe you’re thinking about switching raiding mains. Maybe you just want an alt that can fill in when needed. Maybe you just want to have another decently geared character who can jump in a PuG now and then.

Sure, you can search for “BiS pre-raid gear for <insert class and spec>” and maybe find a few hits that are actually current. But I think it’s so much more interesting to do it yourself.  The tool I use for gear-planning is Wowhead’s Profiler.

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