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Once you have an handle on the basic configuration options in Satrina Buff Frames, then you can start to do fun extra things with it.

I’ve explained the basics of configuration here.

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I am going to do a short series on some of the million things you can do with Satrina Buff Frames 3, at the request of my lovely Lunaris guildie Barbi.

In this first part of the guide, I’m just going to cover the very basic process of setting up a buff frame for your character.

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First off, good news! Satrina Buff Frame has been updated for 4.0.1!

Since this was the last of my add-ons I was eagerly waiting for, I figured it was a good time to finish tweaking my elemental UI. I’m only posting a small clip of the elemental specific stuff – my bars and raid frames, and main buff/debuff frames look identical across characters & specs.

However, Krikket & Alix get something special.

At the top, I have three Need To Know bars to track my fire DPS totems (Searing, Magma, and Fire Elemental). It’ll show whichever one I have down, and how long is remaining on the totem.

Elementarist gives me the Flame Shock timer, the Lightning Shield tracker, the spell-to-cast-next button in the middle, and the available cooldown in the lower left. I used Satrina Buff Frame to add a fifth box to track my Wrathful Totem buff, which I am terrified I suck at since it’s no longer drop ToW and forget.

Finally, I used Quartz to add a cast bar/latency timer below the whole mess.

All in all, I think it takes up less space and is easier to understand than setups I’ve used in the past, and I’m really quite pleased with it.

Autobar appears to be a thing of the past. I’m adjusting.

Satrina Buff Frames will be updated for 4.0.1 – ETA: Soon. I won’t lie, I laughed a little at the statement “…if you can’t wait, there are plenty of other options for buff addons out there.”  WHERE? TELL ME WHERE?

In the meantime, I’ve downloaded both Quartz and NeedToKnow despite my complete and utter hatred of buff bars rather than icons.

I’m kind of love with Elementarist, even though I feel sort of dirty using it.

Once I was all set up and re-hit-capped, I played with reforging* a bit.  Then I proceeded to clunk my way to 8 – 9k DPS** on a target dummy. All in all? I think I like the changes.

*For those playing along at home: I know a lot of classes aren’t touching mastery yet. But GOD DAMN, I want more. I think before raid tonight I’m going to reforge everything I can for more mastery. Sadly, I have no excess hit or spirit to reforge, but since apparently, elemental shamans no longer use mana***? I’m tossing as much crit as I can in favor of mastery. It’s totally the sexiest thing ever.

**Alix did not fare nearly as well as Krikket – she can only clunk her way to about 6.5k DPS. That said? I totally didn’t have to fuck with her gear much for hit – since she’s been hoovering unwanted MP5 gear, she was painfully OVER hit cap, so I bought my T10 helm, and now she’s just right. Now I just have to find her some boots that are actually mail so she can get her mail spec bonus.

**This is totes relevant. Clearcasting used to be our bread and butter. Now, it’s lovely and all, but MOAR OVERLOAD >>> MOAR CLEARCASTING. I’m just sayin’.

Now that I am just about finished with patch download (thank you, Blizzard Background Downloader), have sort of figured out my main spec talent tree, have thrown up my hands in despair at the realization I have NO IDEA how to heal anymore, and found my portable hard drive so that the boy won’t need to spend 30+ hours patching (clearly, he doesn’t believe in the background downloader or planning ahead!), it’s time to consider add-ons.

(someone take that sentence out and shoot it, please?)

Important add-ons* that have been updated for 4.0.1 (with links even!)

Deadly Boss Mods


Pitbull 4.0


Tidy Plates


Pally Power


Important add-ons*I’m pretty sure will be some kind of fucked up:

– Autobar

– Satrina Buff Frames

Less important add-ons* I’m pretty sure will be some kind of fucked up:

– Auctioneer

– Ackis Recipe List

– Mik Scrolling Battle Text

New add-on I’m trying out for kicks:


*Your mileage may vary on the importance of said add-ons.

So, 3.3.3 seems to have broken AG_unitframes. I’ve known for awhile that this was bound to happen, as I don’t think the author is still updating this addon, but … I wasn’t ready. I spent half of my day today looking for a suitable replacement, with no luck.

See – this is how my frames USED to look in a 25 man.

See? All nice and slender and down one side of my screen? Just a nice, neat, list of health bars, colored by class. The gap between groups was for cleanseable debuffs. That’s all I need, and it didn’t take up much real estate.

So far, I’m finding Xperl just too bulky with the names ABOVE the health bars instead of on them, and I couldn’t get VuhDo out of a horizontal configuration. I don’t even know what my other options are to get raid frames that are vertical, yet compact. Thoughts, dear readers?

ETA: Okay, so I don’t love it quite the same way, but Pitbull is pretty much doing what I want! & it only took like 3.5 hours to configure. /sigh.

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