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I know, this achievement is SO six months ago – if not longer.

Thanks to Fuzzbutt, Vainglory, Tzukiko, and my ever-indulgent warlock boyfriend Darktyme for helping me knock out those last two achievements after raid last night.

Proto-dragon #2 obtained – total mount count: 81.

I have not done very much raid leading since we came over to Azgalor, and mostly? I like it that way. It’s not that I’m incapable of raid leading, it’s that I feel damn silly doing it. Apple likened my strat explanations to those safety announcements you hear before the plane takes off, and if I’m really honest with myself, it’s not that far off.

However, since a handful of us got our rusted proto-drakes last week, I made a personal commitment to help everyone who had helped me get theirs if that’s what they wanted – and really, who doesn’t want a shiny riding dragon?!? With official SiB raids canceled for the week, I took the opportunity to make a project raid in which we’d clean up some of the easier achievements* while primarily focus on getting Algalon down.

One of our healers got unavoidably delayed by the homework monster, and with less than no notice, Myssidia agreed to take a break from leveling his not-so-little paladin to come frolic in Ulduar with us. We quickly knocked out Flame Leviathan with four towers, not-so-quickly knocked out a handful of Iron Dwarves while killing Razorscale, took down XT after breaking his poor little robot heart, and cleared up to Algalon’s door, promising that we’d got back and do a few more achievements once our hour was up or we downed him.

In case you were wondering? Algalon is still not a kidding around fight. Yes, our current level of gear and the OP-ness we’re all feeling from 4.0.1 trivializes one of the mechanics – the tight enrage timer.  It’s not a hardship anymore to have a ranged DPS complete committed to the management of Collapsing Stars.

We wiped a few times – once to me dropping a star right on both tanks and porting them into the Black Hole, once to a healer falling through the floor because he didn’t get into the combat arena in time, and a few other times to random oopses. But with a full 30 minutes left on the timer, on only our second night of attemps, we conquered Algalon!

Krikket finally has a title I feel is worthy of replacing Loremaster – at least for a little while. I’ll likely alternate between them.

We then went on to a speed kill of Ignis, a one-shot of Iron Council hard, killing Auriaya without killing her kitties (or our bear tank), and a very sloppy Firefighter. For at least two of our team, the only things standing between them and their Rusted Proto-Drakes is the Saronite Animus and Razorscale’s bad breath.

I even got Kotakh to admit that hard modes in Ulduar? Are still pretty fun. This might have been the most surprising thing that happened all night.

*Clearly by easier achievements, I meant Orbituary & Firefighter. Who knew?


Back in May, my Cataclysm bucket list looked like this:

Pre-Cataclysm Goals:

  • Get the Loremaster title on Krikket. She’s completed Northrend and Outlands, and needs 321 more quests in Azeroth. I’m not sure why I am so unwilling to just buckle down and do this, but I’ve been sitting on this for months.
  • Finish ICC & down the Lich King. I don’t care if it’s on 10, on 25, or both.
  • Complete Ulduar finally. That means taking out Algalon & getting Glory of the Ulduar Raider and my Rusted Proto-Drake.
  • Speaking of things that are long overdue: I’d really like to go back and do the old raids. I’ve never even set foot in Blackwing Lair, and the only Burning Crusade raids I’ve done are Karazhan and Zul’Aman. I feel like I’ve missed so much. I realize that doing these raids at 80 isn’t going to be as epic as if I had done them when they were current, but I want to see them at least once.

Loremaster is done. Kingslayer is done. Rusted Proto-Drake has been obtained. We have a raid scheduled for Wednesday to poke at Algalon for another hour. I’m feeling pretty good about things.

With just under one month until Cataclysm, I’m trying to decide what I want to work on next, since I’m seeing the first few months of Cataclysm as being a leveling frenzy.

I’ve transferred my lovely troll priestess to Azgalor. Her gear is pretty bad at this point, and I’d mostly forgotten how to play her even before the massive changes in 4.0.1. I have a couple character slots reserved for new race/class combos – Sabreena with be my lovely dwarven warlock, and Lyndsie will be my day-glo troll druid. I plan to make a goblin something (right now, it’s between warrior and rogue, but that could change at any moment), and I’ll roll a worgen on another server just to see the starting area. I have a few remaining Nerd Points to chase on Krikket, but for the most part, I’m going to use this month to play with some alts that’ve been mostly neglected.


According to my statistics page in the Armory, this is only the fourth time I’ve seen Yogg-Saron dead. But my year and a half long quest for the Rusted Proto-Drake is over.

Much love to the folks in Stands In Bad who have worked their butts off with me for this. In a lot of ways, this was more personally satisfying for me than getting my Kingslayer title. When Ulduar was first released, I was just realizing that maybe I had what it took to be a good raider, and I told myself that getting a Rusted Proto-Drake would symbolize that for me. This would be the thing that I could look at and prove to myself that even though I was a Wrath-baby, that yes, I was good enough.

Obviously, I know this isn’t a huge prestige item to the WoW-playing population as a whole, but it means a hell of a lot to me.

We finished up with about an hour left to raid time, so paid a visit to the man who is – for me – the last boss standing in WotLK:

…and then promptly crashed the server.

I wish I was kidding. We’re finalizing our strat in Algalon’s room, when all of a sudden my screen freezes and our entire raid is booted offline.

Thankfully, it was just a minor server hiccup, and we managed to get back in and get several attempts in on Algalon before raid call time. We’re hoping to go back in next week and clean up a few early achievements for some of our group members, and then work on this incredibly challenging (but oh so pretty) fight.

After poking at it pretty much forever, I finally got the Loremaster achievement on Krikket back at the end of August. While this is not nearly the same caliber of time-suck as The Exalted or Insane in the Membrane, the level of time that you need to put into this achievement (especially for newer characters who may not have quested as extensively in Azeroth) isn’t trivial.

There was no question for me that I wanted to have this achievement completed prior to The Shattering because I figured something would be changing due to the extensive changes in Azeroth.

Consider this a bit of a PSA regarding Loremaster for those of you still working on it:

In Cataclysm:

  • Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and Loremaster of Kalimdor no longer requires you to complete a given amount of quests anymore. You now have to complete the achievements for each zone to get the Loremaster title.
  • All the WoW classic zones now have their own quests achievement: Arathi Highlands Quests, Badlands Quests, Blasted Lands Quests, Burning Steppes Quests

What does this mean for those folks still working on Loremaster? Well to the best of my understanding, this is how it breaks down:

– If you have completed Loremaster of Kalimdor and/or Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, you will keep these achievements even if you have not completed the meta achievement.

– If you have not completed Loremaster of Kalimdor and/or Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, your progress on these achievements is likely to change significantly. A lot of the 1 – 60 zones are being completely reworked so quests that exist now will no longer exist. Yes, you will have the advantage of having Azeroth broken down into zones to complete, but if you’re very close to having these achievements completed, it is probably worthwhile to finish them prior to December 7th.

– Loremaster of Outlands and Loremaster of Northrend are unlikely to change at all. Your progress should be safe.

– If you have not completed the Loremaster meta achievement prior to Cataclysm, be aware that the meta is changing as well. It will require the “Loremaster of Cataclysm” achievement as well, which requires that you complete five new zones before being awarded your title.

For those of us who really enjoy seeing our NerdScore increase, there is motivation to go do all the new low level quests, as the zone-by-zone achievements will certainly inflate our totals. I know that it’ll certainly be one of my top priorities (as well as the new exploration-related achievements) for Krikket once she hits level 85.

I am SICK of trick or treating, you guys.

I’ve been reduced to begging.

And finally, Caregiver Breel took pity on me.

I would like to thank Caregiver Breel for having serious business Spacegoat Solidarity! And to all my guild mates who have listened to me whine for days now. You guys are the best.

I do not want to thank Blizzard for keeping this stupid-ass RNG achievement as part of the meta. God damn, but I’m glad it’s over.

… is a damn hat.

That’s right. I am just one Hallowed Helm away from a pink-riding-dragon and have been since this time last year.

& it’s not like I didn’t try last year. I had just lost my job, so I didn’t have much other than sleep that prevented me from logging on every hour to trick or treat. We ran the Headless Horseman SO MANY TIMES. I had some amazing friends back on Bronzebeard – friends who were willing to give up every summons on every alt to see me get this achievement. This is what the ground looked like when we ran out of toons to summon with on the last day:

That’s a lot of dead Horsemen, my friends.

With the changes to the way holiday bosses work, I get one shot a day via Headless Horseman, and as many shots per day via trick or treating as I can manage to stay awake for. In a way, I’m glad because it means if it shows up in my bag, no one can take it away, but … I didn’t get anything in any of my bags for Brewfest, so I am very much aware that I might not get anything but Justice Points for the duration of the event.

But I’m hopeful. Cautiously optimistic even. Please, dear gods of RNG, don’t disappoint me again.

Sometimes, it really pays to not be in a huge rush to have the latest and greatest.

Blizzard is planning to hotfix the holiday meta to still award Master Riding. This is an indefinite change – in other words, if you don’t want to shell out the money, you can start working on holiday achievements next week and get 310% riding – at the end of the year.  Krikket is only missing one Hallow’s End achievement, so RNG-willing, I will have 310% riding on her before the end of the month.

We ended Ulduar early last night, and I asked if anyone wanted to come along for a ZA run. There’s a couple of us who’ve been actively chasing Mojo. The first amazing thing is that you no longer need 5 people to beat the gong boss – we got the door open with just two of us.  The second amazing this is:

Two of us walked out of ZA with a new happy frog pet!

Lastly, they’ve made a change to Heroic Setthek Halls – Anzu no longer needs to be summoned! So if you are at least honored with Lower City, you can go into Heroic Setthek Halls for a chance at the Raven Lord’s Mount. It probably is solo-able for most classes – especially if you have healing spells. I died a couple of times because I made terrible terrible pulls on trash, but I didn’t really have any issues with the bosses, but next time? I’m going to bring a lot more water because I did a lot of healing myself.

So, there’s a handful of us in SiB who are SO CLOSE to our Rusted Protodrakes.

So here it is, Friday night, and we’re doing what good Nerd Point Junkies should be doing on a Friday night: standing in front of Yogg, with just one keeper up, getting ready to get our asses handed to us*.

That’s when this happens in raid chat**:

I don’t know what’s worse here: Bingle’s excuse, Ellemayne’s confusion, or my admonishment that he will dps and like it (in capslock, natch).

* – & get our asses handed to us we did. A lot. We will get this, but god damn. I have mad respect for anyone who got this when Ulduar was progression.

** – for the record? Bingle did not actually bail. Good try, though.

Krikket’s really on a roll this week.

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