Last night, I wasn’t feeling well, and someone who rarely gets to raid had a free night, so I gave her my raid spot.  So, in preparation for 4.0.1 and having to relearn how to play all my characters anyway, I decided to spend the night on Shadow Council running heroics on my discipline priest. It’s still unlikely I’ll ever go back to playing her regularly but she can buy heirlooms for the gnome mage I just rolled on that server (since apparently, Alix jacked all the caster heirlooms before transferring to Azgalor).

Memo to me: Don’t run random heroics on a toon with meh gear and four inches of dust on her.

Because what will happen is this.

You will get Halls of Forever. Your Halls of Forever group will have a tank who is both (a) new to tanking and (b) not terribly observant.

You will die when he fails to pick up one of those evil dwarf shaman-caster things, and he will CONTINUE TO PULL while you lie dead on the ground and the ret paladin and boomkin stay back to rez and innervate you respectively.

You will somehow magically pull the rock boss when you’re nowhere near him (I think I blame Starfall). You will wipe and the mage will take forever to find his way back into the portal.

The ret paladin will get mind controlled and one-shot the druid. This will all happen before you actually down the first boss, which you will just barely manage to do and then someone will say “Thank god for the bubble priest”. At this point, you will wonder what the hell you were thinking, lament being so completely and utterly terrible, but grit you teeth and go on.

If you are like me, and not usually prone to inspecting people, you will not realize just how fresh all of these other level 80s are until someone mentions it in party. When the follow it up with “But it’s ok, healz got a 4.7k GS, so we’re good”, you might actually cry a little.

Yes, my friends, that was my reintroduction to priest healing. We only wiped the once (I blame Starfall), but there were lots of deaths, and I spent the entire instance in a WUTISTHISIDON’TEVEN fugue. Thankfully, after that, my boyfriend was replaced in raid by our GM, and came over and tanked a few more for me. By the end of the night, I felt almost competent again…

… at least ’til 4.0.1 drops, right?

But I managed to pick up both the PvP staff and the chest before giving into the sleepies last night. I have a few more badges to go for the shoulders, and then I’ll feel like I can actually level Polli.