ETA:  Apparently this is old news (VERY OLD NEWS – he was added back in patch 1.11.1!), but I’m leaving the post up because if I didn’t know this, chances are there are some other people out there who don’t know it either. I hope. Or I’m going to feel hella silly.

Yesterday, I’m running around Stormwind on Krikket doing the new cooking dailies (and so far? I hate the new cooking dailies. Just sayin’), and I find this guy hanging out in the Old Town Inn.

He’s got 13 cooking recipes that were previously only available by doing quests out in the world, usually quests of the annoying super-low drop rate variety.  Alliance characters who are working on their Chef de Cuisine achievement probably want to pay the man a visit. I haven’t looked up every recipe he carries, but I believe they’re all former quest rewards from quests that are no longer available post-Shattering.

I was hoping there’d be a Horde equivalent, but according to WoWhead, Kendor Kabonka is the one and only master of cooking recipes in Azeroth. I’m not sure if this was an oversight, or if Horde didn’t lose any of their quests that rewarded cooking recipes, or if the model of having one or two recipes on different vendors in different areas was the way they decided to go for Horde.