Especially since Cataclysm, leveling in WoW is not hard.  Heirlooms, Looking for Dungeon, and the new streamlined questing experience in the old world have all helped contribute to a smoother, simpler leveling experience.

That said, I am still absolutely appalled by the amount of rude, anti-social, and downright terrible behavior I’m seeing in PuG groups in leveling instances.

Since we are bringing our own tank and healer to every group, we’re only witnessing this behavior from DPS; however, I’m sure that they’re not the only ones guilty of doing things like this – they’re just the only ones I’m seeing.

Things a DPS can do that makes it highly likely I’m going to put them on ignore:

  • Pull extra trash packs, bosses, or wander off by yourself to get killed and then beg for a rez.
  • Roll need on everything – all the boss drops, the greens, the recipes and random gems that drop.
  • Put yourself on follow for me (the healer), and only push buttons when a roll pops up.
  • Complain that we’re not pulling fast enough when I have to sit and drink – this is extra annoying if the only reason I have to sit and drink is because you pulled extra mobs, and although we didn’t die, my mana bar is whimpering a little from the strain.
  • Start escort quests, summon optional bosses, or start events when the rest of the group isn’t ready.

The biggest contributing factor to whether or not I put someone on ignore is attitude, though. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone is new to the game at some point. Everyone facepulls now and then. However, if your response to being called out for your bad behavior in a group is any of the following? You’ve just bought yourself an express ticket to my ignore list.


“umad bro?”

“y so serious? it’s just a game”

“i’ll pull if i want to.”

“stop whining and let’s finish this”

For the love of Azeroth, if you’re going to do instances with strangers while you’re leveling (and it’s perfectly viable to not set foot in a single one prior to Cataclysm), act like a human being.  Don’t be that paladin who – when he decided we weren’t pulling fast enough for him – tried half a dozen times to pull enough mobs to wipe us in Dire Maul, and eventually rage quit when he couldn’t.  Don’t be that rogue that needs on everything in the first half of strat, and then does less DPS than the healer on the last boss. Don’t be an egotistical little failmonkey who thinks he or she can solo the content, and resents the presence of others in the group – if you wanna solo something, feel free to do so.

However, if you happen to – just once – be that rogue that zones into an in-progress dungeon and says “OMG, I’m so sorry. I never expected the queue to pop that fast and I still have 2 minutes on rez sickness”? I will keep you consta-HoTted and keep your squishy butt alive until that rez sickness wears off. Gratz on being a respectful human being.