I’ve been grinding up archeology* on my death knight over the past few days, since a guildie was generous enough to make her a full set of level 80 crafted tanking gear, and I feel guilty as hell sitting at level 74 with all that stuff in my bags.

Now, I’ve poked at archeology on Ricktus quite a bit, and haven’t really run into any problems. But there’s something about my death knight that clearly ENRAGES all the level capped Horde on the entire continent.  Whereas on every other character, members of the opposite faction just keep doing their own digging and disregard me, my death knight has been killed – and camped** – more times than I can count.

Are people really that bored already? That killing a gnome with a pickaxe 11 levels lower than them is such an exciting sport? Really?

*Post incoming soon on why archeology is haxx for leveling, and why I may never quest in Northrend again.

**My definition of camped is not one kill, no. Not two kills, because that might just be bad luck. But when they kill me 5 or more times when I’m just trying to fly to the nearest inn to log out? That’s asshattery of the highest order, even on a PvP server. Yes, you’re a big man, you can 2 shot a toon with 12k MAXIMUM health as soon as she rezes. Good job, you.