On a personal level, the last few weeks have been challenging. We’ve run up against some pretty serious financial issues,  navigated our way through a few difficult inter-personal issues in game, and spent a Friday night at the emergency room due to yet another down-swing in my health.

… That was my first ever “/afk – going to the ER!” …

Unfortunately, my recent health issues have negatively impacted my ability to play WoW, so I’ve been spending a lot less time in game. This is a double-edged sword, because I could also really use the distraction it provides right now. I have the time, what I frequently am lacking is the ability.

We’ve still been raiding Alliance-side fairly regularly – due in part to what seems to be a constant shortage of caster DPS in Stands in Bad – and we’ve been spending what seems like – to me at least – to be a lot of time on PvP.  We’ve been taking groups into battlegrounds on Monday nights, learning the strats and gathering honor for more and more PvP gear in hopes of starting Rated Battlegrounds in the near future.

Maybe I have lower standards, but I don’t feel like elemental PvP is as broken as I’ve been hearing people complain. Maybe that’s because I always have a pocket healer (or two), but I feel pretty effective, both in 2v2 arenas and in battlegrounds.

On our off-nights, we’ve been playing around with low level twinks on Shadow Council (although, the 19s bracket is brutal – or so I hear, I’ve been slacking on my goblin priest), and poking at our abandoned characters on Bronzebeard.  I’ve stalled out on gearing my death knight, and I still haven’t been able to bring myself to level my paladin on Azgalor.

It just doesn’t feel like there’s a lot going on right now, and maybe that’s not a terrible thing.