Mostly cut-n-pasted from our recruitment officer:

Stands in Bad is looking for more raiders of all flavors!

Azgalor is a CST PvP server, and our primary raid is a 10-man from 7-10 CST on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We’re currently 4/7 in Firelands, and we finished up normal-mode tier 11 before the nerf. We’re a level 25 guild that’s been around for over a year (and we have a tabard and bank tabs, zomg!) We have no intentions of ever going to 25 mans, but we’ve been known to run a second concurrent raid group when membership has allowed for it.

We don’t have a set roster and we don’t have an attendance requirement, but we do have a very fair rotation for sign-ups, so if you want to raid and put forth the effort on your part, you’ll get a chance to (usually 2 out of 3 weeks that you sign up).

We are a casual guild in the sense of not wanting to spend all of our time raiding, and we understand that real life comes first, but we roll up our sleeves and get stuff done when we raid. We’re a relatively adult guild and we don’t like drama, although we do have our moments of less-than-mature commentary in guild chat and vent (sometimes we’re just a bunch of pervs, but we have fun!). ^^

We are more concerned about personalities fitting in than we are about how long you’ve been raiding or what you’ve cleared, and we welcome interested potential recruits to roll an alt on Azgalor and hang out with us in guild chat. That being said, we do expect our raiders to put for the effort on their part to make sure we aren’t wasting time in raids (gems, enchants, reps, etc.). We aren’t looking to carry anyone, but we are looking for anyone looking for a fun guild home with an interest in raiding.

We are:
Alt-friendly. Many of us have multiple max level toons, and some of us even play on multiple servers. We won’t be butthurt if you don’t bring your main over!
Couples-friendly. Our RL is amazing at slotting couples together whenever he can.
Estrogen-heavy. Many times, our raid group is more girls than guys!
Blogger-friendly. Our GM is the main writer over at I Like Bubbles, and we have about half a dozen of us who WoW-blog when we feel like it. 🙂
Achievement-oriented. If you hate seeing “So and So just earned the achievement “BLAHBLAHBLAH”” in your green chat, we might not be the guild for you.

Please be aware that SiB does not consider itself a “safe space”. I know that this is important to a lot of people, but while we do our best to take the feelings of others into account, sometimes we say appalling things. I like to think it’s part of our charm.

At the moment, we would especially love another tank, and we don’t believe that raiding mages, boomkin, or priests exist. (Any interested shammies can respec to enhance. <3) The only thing I think I’d say we’re full up on is Holy Paladins, but the right person might persuade us otherwise!

Even if you’re not a raider now, but think you might wanna be someday, or if raiding just isn’t your thing, feel free to come spend some time with us. We love new peoples.