Guys, I know, I haven’t blogged in FOREVER.  So, instead of a deep, interesting, thought-provoking entry*, you get bullet-points. Sorry.

  • OMG Firelands dailies are full of suck. They are more full of suck on a PvP server, which Azgalor happens to be.  They are even MORE full of suck because the druids that accompany you to Setheria’s Roost are DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS and will pull shit (and attack opposite faction players) that you had NO DESIRE to attack. I’ve certainly rage-logged in the middle of trying to get this shit done more than once since it was released.
  • SiB is 3/7 Firelands. And we’re recruiting!  Come play with us!
  • Max level project is now 60% complete. Myndie, the little dwarf hunter who could, is now 85, geared for troll-roics, and only 3 bosses away from having completed all the T11 raid content. This is the first Azgalor-ian alt I’ve been really excited about since Cataclysm. Marksman huntering is amazingly fun, and I managed to tame Terropene so I have a fire turtle, and yeah. I can see why so many folks have hunter-mains.
  • That said? Shaman don’t have Hunter’s Mark. Pushing the button for Hunter’s Mark while playing Krikket turns me into a puppy. This is not actually doing anything for Krikket’s DPS. I’m just saying.
  • Elemental shaman 2-pc T12 is amazing. It didn’t sound that amazing in theory, and honestly? There are some fights it won’t do me a bit of good on.  But when I see I’m getting approximate 5k DPS from being able to basically have FIRE ELEMENTAL FOREVER? I get pretty damn excited.  Of course, it’d be way better if I could at least control him to the point of saying “YOU MORON! HIT THIS”.  There’s nothing more frustrating than dropping a totem that’s on a 10m cooldown and watching your fire elemental stand in the corner and pick his nose. Especially now that I know how much DPS he can actually do.
  • Krikket’s going to pick up a healing spec again, since the only PvP I’m doing right now is of the “completely involuntary” and “makes me ded quickly” varieties. I’m scared.
  • I think I want to rescue Savillaine from the status of “mostly retired” by faction transferring her.  The biggest problem I’m having with this is that I cannot decide what Alliance race she should be.  I think I have it narrowed down to Night Elf, Worgen, or Draenei. BUT I CAN’T DECIDE.
  • Cross-server LFG is actually the first “premium” feature that Blizzard has released that I think is amazing enough to pay for. Assuming, of course, that they keep the price reasonable. I expect we’re going to splurge on it for at least one of our accounts, if not both of them. I just wish it let you run with your cross-faction friends as well.
  • Because even though it’s been months now? I’m still missing folks from Lunaris. I still have Horde characters, but I just feel too awkward to even log into them.
  • Overall? I’m having fun in 4.2.  There’s so much I want to do, and not enough time to do it all. This is a good thing.