I’m at the 50% mark now with Kordelia the druid hitting 85 earlier today.  I have two of my Wrath toons just hanging out at 80 (that’s the paladin & the warrior), a hunter at 78, a rogue at 74, which leaves only the mage in the category of “not even close”.

But I have a mage! And she’s adorable! And I love her name! And she’ll be leveling with the dynamic duo on Bronzebeard, so it should go quickly.

Meet Merlynne, my latest effort at the last class I have no bloody clue how to play:

I feel like this is getting close to something I can finish*. When I first decided I wanted to do this, it was kind of a lark – something to do when I didn’t know what else to do. Now it’s sort of a matter of principle. I’m playing WoW less than ever, so it is actually a push to make it happen.


*Provided of course, that my new baby dwarf hunter in SiB doesn’t make me throw in the towel on my boytroll. I don’t want to. I love my boytroll. But he’s been neglected like whoa for way too long now.