The pair-of-alts project is going well.  Our Horde toons are likely to hit 85 before the end of the night, and our Alliance ones aren’t far behind – we finished Deepholm & started on Uldum the other night before I succumbed to sleepiness. There’s actually been a couple of surprises along the way (shadowpriest is for aggros! Holy is actually not as complicated as it sounds), but none more surprising to me than this: I am more than a little bit in love with DK tanking.

If you’re considering tanking on your DK, or even leveling a brand new-tank-y DK, I cannot recommend Satorri’s guide on TankSpot enough. Yes, I was tanking ok by basically smushing buttons, but after reading this, I felt like I better understood what the buttons did. It’s less math-y and end-game-raid oriented than EJ, and didn’t leave me shaking my head in despair because DEAR GOD, I cannot possibly do that. Seriously. Go. Go read. I’ll wait.

Normally, if we’re leveling together, I do an instance here or there to pacify him. I don’t do 6 instances in one day. I have been away from tanking for a long long time, and I remember it being sort of exhausting. This is kind of amazing. I’m not a tank-for-lyfe, and I probably won’t take her any further than the occasional heroic, but it’s kind of nice to dabble, especially since I’ve thought “DK IS NOT FOR GROUP” pretty much since I rolled her.

Added bonus? Running around picking flowers in my blood spec means I get my ass kicked in world PvP a lot less. Not that people aren’t silly and don’t still try to pick fights with me over plants, but that I usually come out with at least a sliver of health left while they have none. I cannot imagine how mortifying it must be to get your ass kicked by a pigtailed gnome.