Apparently, I do. Or more precisely, my boyfriend does.

We were doing a few errands today, one of which was taking a trip to Best Buy to use the gift certificate we got in the holiday swap to buy him a new headset.  This was crucial, you guys. Lunaris has their first official level 85 raid scheduled for Sunday night, and I am not going to spend the whole night with him going “Tell them …”


Well, we’ve been talking about getting me a new mouse, one with more buttons, because I cannot keyboard move to save my life (or my toons’ lives at any rate), and my inability-to-strafe has been sort of a point of contention for awhile. The mouse I’ve been using for the past couple years did have an extra button on each side, but I already USED those for something, and I didn’t want to have to relearn (and figure out how to re-keybind) just to be able to STRAFE. I mean, really. It’s not like it’s that important …


Anyway, after standing in Best Buy for what seemed like hours (and was probably only about fifteen minutes) insisting that I did not need to spend that much money on a mouse, that I’ve been doing just fine with a $20 mouse (inability-to-strafe notwithstanding), we walked out with one of these:

$100 for strafing, I shit you not!

This is a beefy mouse, my friends. If your hands are on the smallish side, you probably want to take a pass on this – it’s wide, not uncomfortably so for me, but I’m not exactly petite either. Getting used to wired again after two years of wireless is probably the bigger adjustment than the additional buttons and the extra width.  Those two buttons right next to the scrollwheel are now “strafe left” and “strafe right” and the one right behind it is “back the fuck up” in case I ever actually want to tank and not fail again. The ones on the upper outside of the mouse correspond to the two I had before, and that extra keypad of five? Well, I’m still figuring out exactly what to do with those.

On the right hand side of the mouse is one small, sort of awkwardly placed button, that I currently have keybound to a mount (and will soon be keybound to a mount macro, when I make one), but I think it’s probably operator error, but it doesn’t seem to work consistently.

Overall, I’m pleased with everything but the price-tag. I’m looking forward to not having to click things like “Searing Totem” and “Spiritwalker’s Grace” that I hadn’t quite figured out how to conveniently keybind yet (yes, I had spells I wanted keybound and didn’t know where to put them. I didn’t SERIOUSLY spend $100 just to be able to STRAFE).

It’s a splurge I never would have, well, splurged on for myself. It’s a nice mouse, even if the glowy light inside kind of makes it look like it’s breathing, which honestly? Creepy.