My boyfriend loves when there’s a new expac, not just because there’s new content & so much to do, but because it means we do a lot of leveling together.  Normally? I’m a level-by-myself kind of girl.  But being on a PvP server, I like the idea of safety in numbers.

We managed to get both our Horde & Alliance mains to the new level cap in about a week of questing.  Now that we’ve had a couple of weeks of grinding up professions, making some extra money due to whack prices on Cataclysm mats, and getting a couple of shiny purples crafted, we’re ready to start leveling some of our alts.

After much discussion & debate, these are the pairs we’ve decided to work on next:

That’s right – both sets have a DK and a priest. We’re thinking double-DPS for questing, and tank/healer combo for whatever instancing we do as we level. Our Alliance pair is slightly delayed as I still have a couple of levels to get on Koraline (via archeology*) before she can wear all her shiny new gear.  I don’t think I’ll do so well in the new Cata zone in my level 70 tanking crafteds!

We’ve been busily cleaning up bags & banks, making sure our professions are up-to-date, and trying to remember how to play characters we’ve barely touched in weeks to months. This time? We’re not rushing – we plan to quest just enough to maximize guild rep gains, and to still spend time gearing our mains up for raiding.  I’m planning to find out if I feel as underpowered healing as discipline as I’ve been hearing people complain about, and hoping I can remember how to play my DK as unholy.

I might actually be looking forward to this more than I did the first batch of post-Shattering questing because there’s no time-pressure on it whatsoever.


*Yes, archeology is haxx for leveling. Someday? I will actually post about this instead of just making reference to it.