There is a great post up on Elitist Jerks with some very viable pre-heroic / pre-raid gear to aim for while questing, as well as some crafted blues and epics you might want to start saving for.

The thing I was most excited to see was probably the Elementium Stormshield – which for elemental shamans is basically a hit/haste/spellpower shield. I will pay whatever it costs not to wander into my first raid wearing a staff or carrying an offhand. Krikket’s days as a staff-shaman are about to come to an end.

One thing they don’t mention, that I expect I’ll be willing to do just about anything to get my hands on, is the Darkmoon Card: Volcano. I haven’t actually checked out Cataclysm stat-weights, but I cannot image a better trinket than one which brings over 300 mastery rating and a 1600 intellect proc. I’m very glad that Alix is a scribe now, and I’m seriously considering leveling Koraline before Norrah, simply for access to Cataclysm herbs & the ability to make my own Darkmoon Faire cards.