There have been reports on the Official WoW Forums about elemental shaman AoE being currently bugged: Earthquake, Thunderstorm, Fire Nova, and Magma Totem are currently not scaling with spellpower.  I have not been able to find a blue post either confirming this as a bug, or stating that it’s intended.

I tried these spells out last night, and although I don’t have pre- and post-patch parses to prove it, experienced a huge reduction in damage done by these spells.  This bug does not appear to be affecting Chain Lightning – perhaps because it’s not a “real” AoE, but rather a multi-target spell.

Sadly, this means my Anzu-farming is on hold until this is resolved. It’d be embarrassing as hell to die to flocks of little flappy birds because I can’t single-target them down fast enough.


ETA: Blue posted confirms, at least as far as Earthquake is concerned, this is NOT working as intended. Bug fix incoming “in a future patch”.