I have not done very much raid leading since we came over to Azgalor, and mostly? I like it that way. It’s not that I’m incapable of raid leading, it’s that I feel damn silly doing it. Apple likened my strat explanations to those safety announcements you hear before the plane takes off, and if I’m really honest with myself, it’s not that far off.

However, since a handful of us got our rusted proto-drakes last week, I made a personal commitment to help everyone who had helped me get theirs if that’s what they wanted – and really, who doesn’t want a shiny riding dragon?!? With official SiB raids canceled for the week, I took the opportunity to make a project raid in which we’d clean up some of the easier achievements* while primarily focus on getting Algalon down.

One of our healers got unavoidably delayed by the homework monster, and with less than no notice, Myssidia agreed to take a break from leveling his not-so-little paladin to come frolic in Ulduar with us. We quickly knocked out Flame Leviathan with four towers, not-so-quickly knocked out a handful of Iron Dwarves while killing Razorscale, took down XT after breaking his poor little robot heart, and cleared up to Algalon’s door, promising that we’d got back and do a few more achievements once our hour was up or we downed him.

In case you were wondering? Algalon is still not a kidding around fight. Yes, our current level of gear and the OP-ness we’re all feeling from 4.0.1 trivializes one of the mechanics – the tight enrage timer.  It’s not a hardship anymore to have a ranged DPS complete committed to the management of Collapsing Stars.

We wiped a few times – once to me dropping a star right on both tanks and porting them into the Black Hole, once to a healer falling through the floor because he didn’t get into the combat arena in time, and a few other times to random oopses. But with a full 30 minutes left on the timer, on only our second night of attemps, we conquered Algalon!

Krikket finally has a title I feel is worthy of replacing Loremaster – at least for a little while. I’ll likely alternate between them.

We then went on to a speed kill of Ignis, a one-shot of Iron Council hard, killing Auriaya without killing her kitties (or our bear tank), and a very sloppy Firefighter. For at least two of our team, the only things standing between them and their Rusted Proto-Drakes is the Saronite Animus and Razorscale’s bad breath.

I even got Kotakh to admit that hard modes in Ulduar? Are still pretty fun. This might have been the most surprising thing that happened all night.

*Clearly by easier achievements, I meant Orbituary & Firefighter. Who knew?