According to my statistics page in the Armory, this is only the fourth time I’ve seen Yogg-Saron dead. But my year and a half long quest for the Rusted Proto-Drake is over.

Much love to the folks in Stands In Bad who have worked their butts off with me for this. In a lot of ways, this was more personally satisfying for me than getting my Kingslayer title. When Ulduar was first released, I was just realizing that maybe I had what it took to be a good raider, and I told myself that getting a Rusted Proto-Drake would symbolize that for me. This would be the thing that I could look at and prove to myself that even though I was a Wrath-baby, that yes, I was good enough.

Obviously, I know this isn’t a huge prestige item to the WoW-playing population as a whole, but it means a hell of a lot to me.

We finished up with about an hour left to raid time, so paid a visit to the man who is – for me – the last boss standing in WotLK:

…and then promptly crashed the server.

I wish I was kidding. We’re finalizing our strat in Algalon’s room, when all of a sudden my screen freezes and our entire raid is booted offline.

Thankfully, it was just a minor server hiccup, and we managed to get back in and get several attempts in on Algalon before raid call time. We’re hoping to go back in next week and clean up a few early achievements for some of our group members, and then work on this incredibly challenging (but oh so pretty) fight.