After poking at it pretty much forever, I finally got the Loremaster achievement on Krikket back at the end of August. While this is not nearly the same caliber of time-suck as The Exalted or Insane in the Membrane, the level of time that you need to put into this achievement (especially for newer characters who may not have quested as extensively in Azeroth) isn’t trivial.

There was no question for me that I wanted to have this achievement completed prior to The Shattering because I figured something would be changing due to the extensive changes in Azeroth.

Consider this a bit of a PSA regarding Loremaster for those of you still working on it:

In Cataclysm:

  • Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and Loremaster of Kalimdor no longer requires you to complete a given amount of quests anymore. You now have to complete the achievements for each zone to get the Loremaster title.
  • All the WoW classic zones now have their own quests achievement: Arathi Highlands Quests, Badlands Quests, Blasted Lands Quests, Burning Steppes Quests

What does this mean for those folks still working on Loremaster? Well to the best of my understanding, this is how it breaks down:

– If you have completed Loremaster of Kalimdor and/or Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, you will keep these achievements even if you have not completed the meta achievement.

– If you have not completed Loremaster of Kalimdor and/or Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, your progress on these achievements is likely to change significantly. A lot of the 1 – 60 zones are being completely reworked so quests that exist now will no longer exist. Yes, you will have the advantage of having Azeroth broken down into zones to complete, but if you’re very close to having these achievements completed, it is probably worthwhile to finish them prior to December 7th.

– Loremaster of Outlands and Loremaster of Northrend are unlikely to change at all. Your progress should be safe.

– If you have not completed the Loremaster meta achievement prior to Cataclysm, be aware that the meta is changing as well. It will require the “Loremaster of Cataclysm” achievement as well, which requires that you complete five new zones before being awarded your title.

For those of us who really enjoy seeing our NerdScore increase, there is motivation to go do all the new low level quests, as the zone-by-zone achievements will certainly inflate our totals. I know that it’ll certainly be one of my top priorities (as well as the new exploration-related achievements) for Krikket once she hits level 85.