… is a damn hat.

That’s right. I am just one Hallowed Helm away from a pink-riding-dragon and have been since this time last year.

& it’s not like I didn’t try last year. I had just lost my job, so I didn’t have much other than sleep that prevented me from logging on every hour to trick or treat. We ran the Headless Horseman SO MANY TIMES. I had some amazing friends back on Bronzebeard – friends who were willing to give up every summons on every alt to see me get this achievement. This is what the ground looked like when we ran out of toons to summon with on the last day:

That’s a lot of dead Horsemen, my friends.

With the changes to the way holiday bosses work, I get one shot a day via Headless Horseman, and as many shots per day via trick or treating as I can manage to stay awake for. In a way, I’m glad because it means if it shows up in my bag, no one can take it away, but … I didn’t get anything in any of my bags for Brewfest, so I am very much aware that I might not get anything but Justice Points for the duration of the event.

But I’m hopeful. Cautiously optimistic even. Please, dear gods of RNG, don’t disappoint me again.