Now that patch 4.0.1 has renewed my interest in WoW, I’m seriously thinking about what alts I want to have on what faction on Azgalor.

As it stands now, both factions have an elemental shaman main & I’m planning to keep/make both of those shaman heal-capable. But I really would like to set as a long term goal to have at least one character per faction as a dedicated healer, one who is tank-capable, and the rest whatever strikes my fancy.

It looks like I’m keeping Norrah as main-spec holy; I still don’t entirely GET paladin healing post-patch, but it doesn’t seem too terrible. Koraline will be tank-capable, and I may keep Norrah’s offspec protection, so Alliance side, I already have all my bases covered. For my own personal enjoyment, I will be leveling a Dwarven warlock once 4.0.3 comes out, and my current bank toon is a mage who may or may not be level 2 in Exodar forever.

I’m currently saving up to transfer Savilla to Azgalor Horde-side & she’ll likely be my dedicated healer. I am going to keep my lovely boy-troll hunter, and level a troll druid who will either be feral tank/resto, feral tank/boomkin, or boomkin/resto – I can’t decide. That leaves me with one free Horde-side character slot, and absolutely no idea what to use it for. Goblin warrior? Blood elf rogue? I have plenty of time to think about it, I guess.