Let me give you a few pictures that sum up how I feel about the state of elemental in patch 4.0.1.

Recount - Deathbringer Saurfang

Recount - Festergut

If I can manage to actually get pro at DPS fire totems, and a little bit less “OMG HOW I CAST EARTH SHOCK?”, I just … I can’t even imagine.


A few quick words about elemental AoE – Earthquake.

The graphic? IS TERRIBLE.  Our GM has decided what it really looks like is an Aggro Pancake, and I can’t entirely disagree.  I likened it to really angry concrete. There is nothing “earthy” about it except for the dull brown color of it.  Try it out on a slope, like on the way into Prof Putricide’s room? And it looks even more absurd.

That said? IT’S STUPID FUN. When you are used to coming in dead last on the meters for AoE trash packs, and that’s with running in, dropping magma totem, abusing Fire Nova, etc. and so forth, having a channeled AoE that just wreaks havoc on a big old group of mobs is so cool.