Autobar appears to be a thing of the past. I’m adjusting.

Satrina Buff Frames will be updated for 4.0.1 – ETA: Soon. I won’t lie, I laughed a little at the statement “…if you can’t wait, there are plenty of other options for buff addons out there.”  WHERE? TELL ME WHERE?

In the meantime, I’ve downloaded both Quartz and NeedToKnow despite my complete and utter hatred of buff bars rather than icons.

I’m kind of love with Elementarist, even though I feel sort of dirty using it.

Once I was all set up and re-hit-capped, I played with reforging* a bit.  Then I proceeded to clunk my way to 8 – 9k DPS** on a target dummy. All in all? I think I like the changes.

*For those playing along at home: I know a lot of classes aren’t touching mastery yet. But GOD DAMN, I want more. I think before raid tonight I’m going to reforge everything I can for more mastery. Sadly, I have no excess hit or spirit to reforge, but since apparently, elemental shamans no longer use mana***? I’m tossing as much crit as I can in favor of mastery. It’s totally the sexiest thing ever.

**Alix did not fare nearly as well as Krikket – she can only clunk her way to about 6.5k DPS. That said? I totally didn’t have to fuck with her gear much for hit – since she’s been hoovering unwanted MP5 gear, she was painfully OVER hit cap, so I bought my T10 helm, and now she’s just right. Now I just have to find her some boots that are actually mail so she can get her mail spec bonus.

**This is totes relevant. Clearcasting used to be our bread and butter. Now, it’s lovely and all, but MOAR OVERLOAD >>> MOAR CLEARCASTING. I’m just sayin’.