Now that I am just about finished with patch download (thank you, Blizzard Background Downloader), have sort of figured out my main spec talent tree, have thrown up my hands in despair at the realization I have NO IDEA how to heal anymore, and found my portable hard drive so that the boy won’t need to spend 30+ hours patching (clearly, he doesn’t believe in the background downloader or planning ahead!), it’s time to consider add-ons.

(someone take that sentence out and shoot it, please?)

Important add-ons* that have been updated for 4.0.1 (with links even!)

Deadly Boss Mods


Pitbull 4.0


Tidy Plates


Pally Power


Important add-ons*I’m pretty sure will be some kind of fucked up:

– Autobar

– Satrina Buff Frames

Less important add-ons* I’m pretty sure will be some kind of fucked up:

– Auctioneer

– Ackis Recipe List

– Mik Scrolling Battle Text

New add-on I’m trying out for kicks:


*Your mileage may vary on the importance of said add-ons.