So, there’s a handful of us in SiB who are SO CLOSE to our Rusted Protodrakes.

So here it is, Friday night, and we’re doing what good Nerd Point Junkies should be doing on a Friday night: standing in front of Yogg, with just one keeper up, getting ready to get our asses handed to us*.

That’s when this happens in raid chat**:

I don’t know what’s worse here: Bingle’s excuse, Ellemayne’s confusion, or my admonishment that he will dps and like it (in capslock, natch).

* – & get our asses handed to us we did. A lot. We will get this, but god damn. I have mad respect for anyone who got this when Ulduar was progression.

** – for the record? Bingle did not actually bail. Good try, though.