… chase Nerd Points!

Y’know, this wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be.  With the news that ZG will no longer be available as a raid instance in Cataclysm, finishing out this rep skyrocketed to the top of my bucket list.

I was well into revered just from 2 boss mount runs and popping Bijous. Once I decided I wanted to get to exalted, the boy and I did two near-full-clears, I hoovered up all the rep items, and finally turned in my tokens for some leet level 60 purples. Last nights run netted me over 12,000 rep with coins to spare.

I’m sure there are classes that could solo most if not all of this place, but if you’re not one of those classes and you can’t find someone to humor you with a few full clears, this is still totally possible. The trash is FULL of Bijous and coins. Don’t forget all the little alligators – the drop rate seemed to be pretty amazing from them.