When we started off as Horde on Azgalor, we weren’t in bad shape. I brought over a RaF toon from Shadow Council, and when I did, I brought a bunch of stuff, and more importantly, a good amount of gold to get us started.  However, since we were raising baby (or in my case not-so-baby, but painfully neglected) toons without the benefit of our alts deep pockets and professions, I wanted to make sure I had a decent means of making some income so that in our rush to be raid ready, we weren’t scrambling for gold for things like … oh, training.

So Alix picked up inscription. And yes, there is totally money in inscription, but god damn, it’s a metric fuck-ton of work. Every two days, I spend, on average, 2 – 3 hours emptying my mailbox, organizing my glyphs, crafting anything that previously sold, and reposting everything. Yes, I know there’s addons that simplify this. Yes, I’m stubborn and do it manually (often early in the morning before I’m fully awake).

I totally get the goblin way of WoW. Market price is whatever the market will bear. In other words, rip off the huddled masses for everything you can.  I understand it.

But it just doesn’t work for me.

I have a minimum post price that I never go under (unless I’ve decided to discontinue selling a particular glyph, then anything over the paltry few silver that they vendor for is worthwhile). I also have a mental “maximum price” that is, in my mind, the highest “fair” price I can sell a glyph for. Yes, I know that’s arbitrary, but it’s how I choose to operate.

So, yesterday, I’m reposting my glyphs, and I get a whisper from someone who I frequently see trying to artificially inflate the glyph market. By that I mean that he frequently will buy out all of a particular glyph, usually a popular one, and then repost a handful of them for anywhere between 75 – 100g buyout. Sometimes, when I’m bored? I will deliberately try to piss him off by recrafting whatever he’s recently bought of mine and posting them back at my maximum price (which is far far far less than 75g, for the record).  Normally, I don’t bother. Because even though I think it’s a jerk-face thing to do, I am not trying to be the savior of all glyph buyers everywhere.

If glyphs are posted higher than you’re willing to pay, I would like to believe you’d be smart enough to spam trade to see if you can get it crafted at a more reasonable price, or bother a guildie or friend who does inscription rather than pay painfully inflated prices.  And if you think 80g is reasonable enough for a glyph, then you’ll buy it.

Doesn’t mean I think this guy is any less of a jerk-face, though.

So, he whispers me while I’m reposting saying “OMG, why are you posting glyphs so low?!?”

I attempt to explain to him that I don’t think my prices are low, I think his are way too high. I made the mistake of using the word “fair” for my prices and “highway robbery for his”.

At which point he feels the need to explain to me that the only “fair” price for glyphs is materials cost, so if I’m so worried about being fair, I should never post a glyph for more than 2 gold.

::cue /facepalm::

Honestly? I’m not interested in debating economics with this guy. Honestly, I’m already not fond of his business practices, and I don’t need counseling on how2AH. So, again, I try to politely tell him that we need to agree to disagree, and I’m going to post my glyphs for a price I feel is reasonable, and he is more than welcome to do the same.

This is when he flips on me.

I failed to screenshot (and dear god, I wish I had), but he basically said that he was going to doing everything in his power to make sure I never sell anything again because … I don’t even know. Because I’m satisfied with smaller profits than he is? Anyway, he proceeded to spend the next several hours taking down all his ridiculously overpriced glyphs and reposting them for one copper less than all of mine. I expect my mailbox tomorrow morning is going to be full of expired glyphs because I wouldn’t put it past him to have sat online night & day since then, constantly posting new glyphs to undercut me every time something of his sold.

Me? I just can’t be arsed to work that hard. I’m sure he thinks he’s devilishly clever, and that I’ll run screaming and crying and never post another glyph as long as I live. The part he didn’t seem to comprehend is that … I don’t care that much. I don’t have tens of thousands of gold invested in the market. Either he’ll get bored with haunting me, or I’ll start sending my glyphs to an alt to post. I can take a week off, and it really won’t matter to me. In the meantime? No one is stuck paying 100 gold for a glyph.

I think I won.