Due to the fall semester starting up again in about a week, and the need to devote more time to “growed-up” pursuits, my boyfriend & I have been trying to cut back on our raiding obligations. We’ve already had to drop our daytime hardmode ICC group entirely, and we’re making a concerted effort going forward to alternate our “weeks off” on both factions so that – at most, we’re doing five nights of raiding one week out of three.

Recently, we got crit hard by the RL-boss, and we’re scrambling to figure out how to make the best of it without alienating anyone, or giving up the things in game that either of us really enjoy.

Sadly, this means I’m not spending the kind of time on alts, or doing maintenance stuff, or even doing achievement stuff that I might like to. Time with our friends trumps just about everything else in game, and when something needs to be cut? It’s that kind of solo-playtime.

So Krikket is still 146 quests away from Loremaster, and 3 achievements short of her red protodrake.  Alix, while not an achievement chaser, has been poking at Glory of the Ulduar raider with Lunaris, learning how2enhance (OMG, 4K on a target dummy, wut?), and playing the glyph market hardcore.

And me? I’m doing a lot of daydreaming about Cataclysm. Even though it feels like time is running out for some things, I can’t help but look forward to others. I’m excited at the prospect of seeing the changed face of Azeroth from both factions – both through leveling Krikket & Alix through the new zones to resume raiding with my guilds, but also through leveling my troll druid, and … something else Alliance side through all of Azeroth-revamped.

In some ways, I’m sad to put my grindy-goals by the wayside, but more that that, I’m thrilled that I have two groups of people whose company I enjoy, and who make me want to solo less so that the time I am spending in game, I am spending with them.