Ok, I know by most WoW-players standards, I’m a baby raider. No one would take my tank to Kara. I didn’t play in Vanilla. Maybe I’ve got no right to talk because I didn’t raid when raiding was hard.

But dear god, nothing makes me want to rage-quit a raid group faster than when people start joking around about how everything is “faceroll easy”. Because that usually means that someone in that group is going to fail at the simplest of mechanics.

Here’s the thing: When I join a raid group, it is my intention to perform to the best of my ability on the content I have chosen to run. If I feel that content at any given level is beneath me, or not worth of my attention, then god damn it, I’m going to find something else to do. I’m not going to disrespect the 9 other members in the group by not taking their time & effort seriously, and I won’t lie. Being disrespected in that way makes me nerd-rage more than a little bit.

Sure, there are runs that are created with the intent to overgear it – like the five-tank H-VH we ran last week. In those cases? LOL all you want, joke about the faceroll-y-ness of it all. That’s the point to these kinds of runs, and everyone there should be on board with the intention.

But please, dear god. Just stop with the “LOL FACEROLL” in serious runs. Even if you truly believe you outgear and out-skill it. Respect that there might be someone in your group that doesn’t feel the same way. Respect that your healers may not appreciate you dancing in the slime spray. Respect that your tanks may not think it’s funny when you pull threat over and over. Respect that other people may not want to waste time and virtual gold on repair bills because you thought it’d be a good time to tank or heal in your tier 5 set.

If you can’t do this? Please don’t inflict your boredom on other people in a raid group.

Everyone finds their fun in their own way, I get that. But when you choose to play with other people, please know that it’s not all about you. And it’s not “LOL FACEROLL” for everyone.