So, less than a month ago, my other half and I were barely playing WoW at all. We had stopped raiding with our guild, and we were logging in a couple times a week to do an alt-run (well, alts for us) of ICC-10.

How things have changed.

Look at our raid schedule for this week:

MONDAY – Krikket & Shermaan continue in ICC-10 (on the Lich King, best attempt was 17%). 8p – 9:45p EST.

TUESDAY – Alixandra & Lands go to ICC-10, less than a week after hitting 80! 8:30p – 11:30p EST.

WEDNESDAY – Norrah & Darktyme rock ICC-10. 2p – 5p EST.

Krikket & Shermaan rock ICC-10. 8p – 11p EST.

THURSDAY – Norrah & Darktyme finish ICC-10. 2p – 5p EST.

Krikket & Shermaan finish ICC-10. 8p – 11p EST

FRIDAY – Krikket & Shermaan go to Ulduar for hard modes! 8p – 11p EST.

SATURDAY IS RAID-FREE, WUT? Don’t fear. We’re overbooked socially instead!

SUNDAY – Alixandra & Lands might be going to ICC-10 some more, depending on how far we get Tuesday and how badly we’re holding back the group.

This is insanity. Fun insanity? Absolutely. We’re finally getting to raid with ALL the people we like, even if it takes 3 characters each for us to do it.

I never cease to be amazed what three days of heroic grinding can do!