I swear, WoW-blogging in counter-intuitive sometimes.  The more I have going on in game, the less time I have for WRITING about all the things that are going on in game.

I’ve been leveling Alix like a boss, you guys.  After our two day raid-o-rama Alliance side, Alix was sitting just over 73 when we logged in on Friday. When I logged out tonight, she was more than halfway through 78, with dual-spec purchased, specced, glyphed and (sort of) geared.

What’s sad? Just randomly mashing buttons and not really understanding enhancement, in AH greens and a few quest rewards, I managed to pull 1.8k on the last boss in Halls of Stone. I’m scared what this spec will be able to do if I ever actually figure it out.  I think I now understand why melee shamans are so often dead.

But yeah, Alixandra is in the home stretch. Probably less than a week to go until we hit 80 on our Horde mains, and start the heroic gear grind. I know Norrah was being dragged through ToC-10 three days after hitting 80. I wonder how long it will be before Lunaris is like “Ohai, come to ICC.”  I’m a little scared.