The last 24 hours of my WoW life has been a clusterfuck of conversations, apologies, friendships reaffirmed, and also sadly, the realization that some friends are anything but when the chips are down.

This is not happy fun playtime stuff, my friends. This is real life, in your video game. Well. In my video game.

By way of distraction, I ask you this:

Tell me stories of the best guild you’ve ever been in. Tell me about fabulous guild leaders and why you love them. Tell me about the friendships you’ve made, the love you’ve found, the memories you’ve created because of your relationships with your guildmates in WoW. Tell me what your perfect guild would look like, who would be in it, and what would you do there.

Dear readers, help me believe that it’s usually better than this.

I still have a lot of things I want to talk about – why I adore my raid group, tales of boytroll hunter and his long slow climb up the leveling ladder, and what comes next for my two lovely spacegoat girls who don’t want to retire just yet.

There are more stories, there is more friendship and camraderie, and more WoW to explore.