Yesterday, I posted that I had canceled my World of Warcraft subscription. Today, I’m still WoW-blogging.

The thing you may not have noticed from my itty-bitty screenshot is this: My account is still paid for & therefore active until OCTOBER. That’s right. I had just renewed, way to make a statement, right?

So, since I have been able to disable Real ID via parental controls – which deals with the issue of addons “grabbing” your Real ID without your permission, I see no reason not to keep playing since I’ve already paid for that time.  In fact, unless Cataclysm goes live much sooner than I expect, the forum changes won’t even be implemented by the time my paid time runs out.  Three months is a LONG time – a lot of policy changes could occur in that time.

So – for now – I’m going to play like I really believe they will fix this. I will work on my Cataclysm bucket list. I will level shaman #2 & prep her for raiding ICC with my friends. I will keep plugging away at my goal of getting every class to 80.

Is it a cop out to “speak with my wallet” when the actual effect of that statement is so far away? Maybe it is. I can live with that.