I think just about everyone who plays WoW has a favorite race. I’m sure some of this is tied to faction-pride, but since I play bi-factionally, I have two favorite races. I really adore the Draenei Alliance-side, and I am in love with trolls for Horde.

The downside? My second favorite class to play cannot be either of these races. Despite my rationalizations that Draenei warlocks DO exist (ok, so they’re not the good guys, so what?), and that they should have little imp-sized Illidan pets, I have pretty much accepted that we’re never going to see Draenei warlocks.


On the World of Warcraft official forums, Ghostcrawler says:

Trolls and dwarves can be warlocks. It’s official.

Now, I really couldn’t care less about dwarf warlocks – although, the more I think about it, the more a demonic little dwarf girl with braids a-spinning does sort of appeal – but .. TROLL WARLOCKS. I could not be more pleased.

Guess I’ll be waiting on my red-side warlock AND my red-side druid until Cataclysm.