So, when you’ve got one elemental shaman who is 275 quests away from Loremaster, and another elemental shaman who is 19 levels away from being able to do anything fun, what do you do?

If you’re me? You try to level a hunter. Again.

Ohai thur!

Ricktus is my first MALE character to make it out of the starting area, and my first hunter to be high enough level to have a mount, both surprising seeing I was stubborn enough to level him in Durotar/The Barrens, which have to be – by far – my least favorite 1 – 20 areas in the game.

Of course, Midsummer Fire Festival + heirloom chest + heirloom shoulders? Is kind of haxx for leveling a new character.

I do need to stop giving him quite so much love or Alix is never going to be 80, but I’m actually really enjoying (and feeling competent at) playing a hunter for the first time ever.