True confessions time:  Having an alt in Northrend without 2 professions at the appropriate level makes me CRAZY.

I put kind of an absurd amount of thought into professions, usually, and mostly, I try to keep them up while leveling because (a) I hate grinding profession levels and (b) some of the stuff you can make with professions is actually useful while leveling if you keep up with them.

When I level a character normally – and on my own – I usually do okay. When I level with my boyfriend, I usually lag behind because he is a profession-grinder, so it drives him crazy when I need to stop for every flower, or mining node, or kill an extra 40 mobs we don’t need because they drop wool cloth. But I do insist on at least reaching expac levels (in other words, no going to Outlands before I can mine/herb/skin there, same with Northrend), and I usually avoid getting too far behind.

However, I’ve found two things that are VERY detrimental to my profession obsession – Deathknights and Refer-a-Friend.  Both of these are currently very relevant.

My Alliance DK is level 68, and has been parked in Borean Tundra for … at least a month. She has no professions, and worse, I have no idea what professions I even want for her. I try not to duplicate crafting professions between characters on the same server, so I won’t make her an enchanter or a jewelcrafter. Alchemy would likely be the most useful (in that she could supply my other toons with flasks, pots & transmutes), and engineering would probably be the most fun. Leveling her is not a top priority right now by any means, but if I could just make a decision, I could at least start poking at it here and there.

The other character under consideration is my second shaman. She was an RaF-baby, level granted all the way into Outlands. When my boyfriend and I were using RaF to level our Horde characters, I was terrified we were never going to play our Alliance characters again.  I really do enjoy elemental shaman DPS more than anything else I’ve done at endgame, but dear god, the leveling is painful.

Even though I know people think I’m crazy, I’m seriously considering leveling her to raid with our Horde guild, since I refuse to faction-transfer Krikket. The guild now has a level 80 warlock, so even though playing around on Fionna has been fun, I’m less motivated to level her for the express purpose of raiding.

Again, I’m torn on which professions she should have. Inscription? Jewelcrafting? Tailoring? Something else? I can’t decide. All I know is that I need to be self-supporting, because I can’t afford to buy all my mats to level.

Sometimes, I think I think too much & make this harder than it should be.