The last few days have been mostly WoW-free. We did our regular weekly afternoon 10 man, but we haven’t even been doing dailies or random heroics or anything else really on any of our characters. All the craziness with the people has sort of made the game much less appealing blue-side. Even the Loremaster grind can’t make me log in – fifty quests a week didn’t sound like much, but I’m already behind.

Normally, when our level 80s lose their shiny for any reason, we throw ourselves into leveling.  Not this time. He claims he’s avoiding it because he’s at that terrible place where his choices all seem to be either green quests or red ones.

I’m avoiding it because having been die-hard Alliance for over two years, I don’t know how to level for the red team.

Fionna is level 31 now. I logged her out in Arathi Highlands because she was en route to Wetlands for her Felhound quest …

(incidentally, WTF Blizzard? THE WETLANDS? Really? Insanely far from any Horde flightpath in any direction? Thanks.)

…and I really don’t know where to quest next.  I finished up everything I could find in Thousand Needles, and realized my original plan to roll straight from there into Dustwallow Marsh wasn’t going to work. WoWWiki points me at the following zones:

(30-40) Arathi Highlands
(30-40) Desolace
(30-40) Alterac Mountains
(30-45) Stranglethorn Vale

Incidentally, none of these zones are listed as either Horde or Alliance-favored, so clearly, these are the same options I have when I level blue. That said – other than occasionally poking at the Hillsbrad/Alterac/Southshore quests? I know I don’t do ANY of these zones regularly as Alliance. I usually do all of Duskwood, the higher level quests in Wetlands, and then mosey over to Theramore and struggle a little with the first few quests there. After that, it’s smooth sailing.

Now, I’m not really fond of STV to begin with – and I’ve learned from watching other people that it’s a 24/7 gankathon on our server, so why the HELL would I go there? I’ve heard rumors that there’s actually a Horde town in Desolace, but I think they’re just rumors – there is nothing in Desolace.  And I’ve been looking around Arathi – & I’m not entirely comfortable with the level of the mobs hanging out near town, y’know?

I really hate low-level LFG, and I usually steadfastly refuse to be power-leveled by my 80 friends, but I’m actually finding myself considering both.

Is this going to be my Horde-side block? Y’know, the level at which my Hordies aspire to before they fade away, forgotten? Am I just spoiled after leveling all my RaF toons with triple XP and my instance-happy boyfriend?

Going back to my old Horde server and actually leveling my shaman there is almost starting to look appealing. And she’s in HELLFIRE PENNISULA and only half dressed (again, thanks RaF for my complete and utter lack of gear on my level-granted toon).

That’s how seriously am I unimpressed with Fionna’s leveling prospects.