Dear Loot Gods,

If you could toss me a Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight when we down Sindragosa this afternoon, I’d be kind of grateful. Thanks in advance.

– Norrah

& although I would really really have liked to have a screenie of Krikket’s first LK victory, you’ll have to settle for this one of us all chillin’ in his Frozen-Throne-Room:

Taken because the two shaman sitting side by side in the middle was too adorable not to screenshot.

Also note that our ret paladin & our rogue look WAY TOO MUCH alike.  I am frequently teh confused when running with them both.

Fingers crossed for us for Sunday being the day so I can get my Kingslayer title before shit starts to fall apart all over the place.

Oh pre-expac-blues, how I hate thee.