With it looking likely that I will have completed ICC 10 normal in the very near future, we’re starting to look ahead to Cataclysm. Part of that looking ahead is the consideration of possibly wanting to do some Horde-side raiding. In the interest of saving as much IRL money as possible, and capitalizing on the abundance of heirloom gear we have on Azgalor, as well as keeping ourselves entertained for the next three or more months until Cataclysm actually comes out, we’re leveling alts. Again.

I have mixed feelings about this. Taking the time to level another warlock at this stage in the game puts me even further from my “every class at 80” goal. But the idea of having friends raring to raid at 85 and being stuck with the prospect of transferring a character or being stuck with something I really don’t enjoy isn’t exactly something I can get excited about. So. Warlock it is. Fun & easy to level. Fun to DoT things up endgame. Probably not agonizing to level on a PvP server.

We’ve already received our “Welcome to Horde” starter kit from an ex-guildie, I’m just about to cross over into Ghostlands, and I’m waiting very very impatiently for Haunt.

The rest of the alt-report is behind the jump:

So, first a recap.

Classes at 80:

  • Paladin (Norrah/A)
  • Priest (Savilla/H)
  • Shaman (Krikket/A)
  • Warlock (Katastrophe/A)
  • Warrior (Klyvadia/A)

Classes not yet at 80:

  • Deathknight (Koraline/A/68)
  • Druid (Sunlyte/H/63)
  • Hunter (Lilah/A/16)
  • Mage (Svetlannah/H/58)
  • Rogue (Mahirah/A/63)

Clearly, my greatest fail is still – as ever – in the Hunter department. I’ve tried both factions, four different races, and I just can’t get into it. Which makes me sad because it looks like so much fun at level cap.

I’m finding it hard to get excited about a druid at this point in Wrath because although I like tauren well enough, I love trolls, and knowing that troll druids are just around the corner, maybe I’ll wait.

I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of seriously leveling anything else Alliance-side, at least for awhile. I still have my little Alliance priest, who I kind of adore, and who will fill the niche of giving me all three gathering professions on Azgalor. I’m hoping to finish up the death knight before Cataclysm, but I kind of stalled when she hit Northrend because (a) she’s still profession-less, which makes me nuts and (b) I hate to drop a thousand gold on cold-weather flying, but I know I won’t level her if I have to WALK all over Northrend.

I think my biggest impediment at this point is that I feel like I’ve spread myself too thin. I’m confusing things I really want to do (y’know, for the fun-ness) with things I really just want to have done (for the sense of accomplishment). Also, things that other people want me to do, and things I do actually want to do, but only for other people, not for myself.

It gets muddled. And after staring at the log-in screen for several minutes, I often end up closing WoW and playing Puzzle Pirates.