So, I’m revisiting Puzzle Pirates*, and tonight, I took a job working the bilge on someone else’s pirate ship.

Now I can bilge like nobody’s business, but on a lot of the other puzzles? I’m kind of terrible. One of my worst is sword-fighting.

After I somehow, miraculously, managed to not be “knocked out” for an entire swordfight, the following exchange took place in chat (I’m Savilla, by the way):


Color me amused. That’s a real live person by the way, not an NPC. We ARE ALL WINNERS, DAMNIT!

I demand to see more of this attitude in WoW.

I think every single time we wipe on the Lich King on Sunday night? I’m going to say “I know we didn’t get him that time, guys, but it’s ok. WE ARE ALL WINNERS!”  How long before you think everyone mutes me on Vent?

* Shutupshutupshutupshutupshutup.

I am a puzzle junkie. I need something kind of unstressful and medatative right now. Bilging in PP does the trick.