The last three days? I have discovered pretty much every annoying thing that can happen in normal HoR as we chain run it for the best pre-raid/frost emblem tanking cape and shield:

– The rogue doesn’t get the drop he wants from the first boss? He & his buddy drop group, but the waves are still coming. My boyfriend’s newish 80 prot warrior, my (decidedly overgeared for normal HoR) holy paladin, and a just-barely-geared for normal HoR arcane mage three-manned 5 waves of trash and the boss. No deaths, although it was tedious at times. Holy pally DPS is not leet, in case you were wondering.

– Deathnubs using Army-of-I’madouchebag in the gauntlet. So those big abomination things that spit on people spin around like tops and spit on EVERYONE. Repeatedly. Oi.

– The hunter who needs on everything he can in the whole instance, and when called out for needing the 2-handed strength sword at the end says “It vendors for 27 gold and I need money”.

– The shaman who assures us that he’s been running this like mad for the past few days, and he’s seen both the Eerie Runeblade Polisher and the Splintered Door of the Citadel drop (and get disenchanted) like every single time. Well, not this time, Mr. Shaman. But thanks for continuing to act astonished through the entire gauntlet event that you can’t believe they didn’t drop because they always drop. Way to rub salt in the wound there, jerkface.

– But the biggest winner of them all was on heroic. My boyfriend got H-HoR as his random heroic, and he queued in as tank. Now, his gear is decent, but he’s still gearing up (as evidenced by how many fucking times we’ve been running normal). The DPS refuse to DPS skulls, mobs are eating everyone’s face, he’s sighing at the screen, and they wipe on the waves leading up to the second boss. The healer immediately drops group. I offer to log on and heal the rest of the instance. He tells the group “Hey guys, my girlfriend’s logging on & she’ll heal, don’t drop.” They don’t drop. So I join the party, zone in start buffing everyone and the vote-to-kick comes on my screen. That’s right. They’re kicking my boyfriend from the group – no reason given. Despite my “no” vote, the kick goes through, and I drop group immediately, too stunned to even say “WTF?” in party. Enjoy the queue time for your tank & healer there guys. Also, can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all WAITING until I zone in before doing it so I get locked to a fail instance.

I swear to DOG, kids, as soon as that damn shield falls out? I plan to forget that place exists for at least several weeks.