I have completely and utterly forgotten how to afflock.

Azgalor was down for a bit tonight, so my boyfriend and I decided to go screw around on a couple of our Bronzebeard toons.

Intellectually? I still knew how to do it. I remember the rotation, but between the massive changes to my UI that I’ve made over the past few weeks and just a complete lack of practice? I felt like I was flailing at the buttons.  My makeshift DoT-timer wasn’t somewhere I could easily watch, I accidentally smooshed my drain life button more than I really should have, and I totally failed at keeping up my Life Tap buff.

& even with all that? I totally killed the rogue and deathknight in H-FoS on the DPS meters on both trash and boss fights. Except for that part where I failed at “getting behind” on the Devourer of Souls and became a floor-smear without ever pulling aggro.

Some things hold true no matter what class or spec I’m playing.