I managed to get her leveled into The Land of the Bad Pigs, and she dinged 61 before I needed to stop for a bit – and in the interim, my boyfriend totally quested & instanced into Northrend on his warrior, thus taking away the one thing that made playing her kind of fun.

“Oh, that mob there, the one you’re about to charge?”


“Yeah, he’s over here now. Sorry!”

I think my biggest hurdle (although not the only one) with playing a death knight is this – you get three levels to learn how to play your class before you’re dumped into the cold unfeeling world of Hellfire Peninsula with a whole bunch of buttons that you really don’t get how they work yet. When you level a character from 1, you get one, maybe two, abilities at a time. You play with those for a couple of levels, and then you get another one. Sometimes, you go 6 or 8 levels without getting something new that you actually ever use.  You have time to get a feel for it before you have more abilities than you have convenient keybinds,  y’know?

So, other than Death Grip (which admittedly, has its lulzy uses), I have a whole bunch of buttons that I mash in no particular order, and most of the time stuff falls over, but mostly? I’m bombarded with a cute little zombie-gnome voice telling me “That ability isn’t ready yet!”.

I don’t want to instance on her because I do not want to subject others to my complete an utter fail at playing a class widely thought of as “faceroll” and overpowered.

And I don’t really want to solo quest on her because I am wearing a giant bullseye visable to every bored Horde level 80 character on four continents. Oh PvP servers. How I do not love you.

I cannot find my DK-groove, I guess. I thought maybe I’d want to tank with her, but dear god. Two handed weapons are SO SLOW, and getting two ridiculously slow one-handed weapons to tank with doesn’t sound like it’d be more fun (and like it would be far more hassle). Also, see above with the “not wanting to subject others to my humiliation”. Blood DPS (which is – kind of – how I’m specced) is meh. It works. Things die, and I usually don’t – at least not to mobs. But it just isn’t that fun because I don’t get it.

As a result, I’m back to having more things in WoW I feel like I should do, and almost nothing that’s exciting and fun and that I actually want to do. The WoW-apathy is coming back and it’s coming back hard. I’m looking for excuses all over the place to not do things in game. Raiding has even lost its allure for the moment – yet again, I feel like I’ve put myself in a place where my alt is going to get to see and do more than my main, and I get sad if I think about it too much.

That little gnome up there? She’s making me reconsider all over again why I play WoW.