File this under “Things that Piss Me Off”:

Krikket’s main spec is elemental. Yes, once upon a time, I was a resto shaman, but that was long before I transferred to my current server. I may be a healing-capable DPS class, but I play DPS.

The fact that I have healing spells does not mean I want to heal for your raid. This especially does not mean I want to heal for your raid that I wasn’t particularly interested in going to as DPS.

Being told that since I have a blue bar, I am a healer? Does not endear me to you, nor does it make me all of sudden swell with an overwhelming desire to be a healer.

It does make me wonder how the mages, warlocks and hunters feel about your admonishment that “Blue bar = Heals”.

Do a lot of people run into this prejudice that just because your class is capable of healing, that you should be totally thrilled with the proposition of healing whenever it’s convenient for someone else? Do death knights, warriors, paladins & druids get the same kind of crap about tanking?

I do enjoy the utility of being able to heal, even if I normally would prefer to blow things up. However, nothing makes me dig my heels in harder and proclaim that I’m not a healer than being told I should be.