It’s been a quiet blog week for me, and I’m not sure why. I mean, so far this week I’ve:

– Gotten my paladin to 80 & run enough heroics on her to get my first piece of T9 and my Libram of Renewal (which is hear is still full of OSM).

– Bought a Sparkle Pony after spending like a whole day trying to rationalize it*.

– Turned a significant portion of our 25 man raid into tiny bunnies while a couple of guildies valiantly battled the authentication server boss on Wednesday night.

– Been part of our guild’s first Valithria Dreamwalker rescue in 25s this week and failed to have enough DKP saved up to secure the Cloak of Amazingness (QQ).

Which is a lot, but the real reason I haven’t been updating is that every minute I’m not committed to WoW-stuffs? I’m sneaking away to play this:

*for the record? The key to rationalizing the Sparkle Pony? I NEVER HAVE TO BUY AN UGLY-ASS POKEY ELEKK MOUNT FOR AN ALT EVER AGAIN.**

**I hear caps lock is cruise control for cool.