So – I’ve been leveling Norrah to be a tank since her first talent point, but a couple of levels ago, I realized that paladin tanking was missing the thing I really loved about tanking on my warrior – lots and lots of frantic button mashing.

I’m sure some people find the tanking rotation of 6-9-6-9-6 soothing. I found it to be yawn-inducing when things were going well, and immensely frustrating when things were going less-well. So I (mostly) stopped leveling her. I just couldn’t see the point if I wasn’t having any fun with it. I’ve been questing here and there because it seems a shame to just stop when she’s so close to being useful, but I haven’t set foot in an instance in weeks.

Until last night, when one of the tanks in guild offered to run a bunch of our not-quite-80 toons through a couple of normal dungeons.

I am not a fan of runthroughs in general, but when you have a DPS toon, you can whack at the mobs a little and feel like you’re doing something other than just picking up loot and free XP. When you’re a tank-in-training? You don’t want to use ANY of your abilities. So I did what I’ve been avoiding for about 37 levels. I finally dual-specced.

Now, I’ve picked up some random holy gear quest rewards, so I had a few pieces collecting dust in the bank. Since everyone was waiting on me, I winged it spec-wise, tossed on the few pieces I had, and lol-healed through normal UK and VH. The tank didn’t so much need healing, but the DPS did on occasion – at least once, there was enough damage going around that I OOM-ed myself flailing at my heal spells.

It wasn’t awful. I mean, it wasn’t disc priest healing, which so far, tops out the healing fun-scale for me, but I think I can do it. I keep hearing that paladin healing is fun in heroics, but gets a lot duller in raids.  I can believe it – I absolutely loved healing on Krikket until people wanted me to stand around and spam chain heal for three to four hours at a stretch.

I’m still disappointed in a way because what I really wanted to cap out next was a tanking character. I miss tanking, and I’m still far too cheap to transfer my warrior (who would need so much gear grind to be where she should be and also? I hate warrior DPS).  I’m still going to collect up some tanking gear, because I would like to try it again at some point, and we tend to need tanks for offnight stuff far more often than we need healers. At the same time, I’m relieved that Norrah’s dual-spec connundrum is resolved – yet another melee DPS spec I can avoid sucking at for awhile longer.