Links first because it’s been out like an hour, so I’m already late to the party:

Read the blue post here

Totemz’s take

The ‘mental shaman’s take

Personally? I’m pretty excited by the proposed changes.

  • Putting the ToW bonus on all of our fire totems? Win.
  • Revamping Lightning Overload to apply to Lava Burst as well? Win.
  • A cooldown that allows us to cast while moving for 10 seconds? Win.
  • Real, targeted AoE in the form of Earthquake? WIN.

I’m even starting to shrug off some of my disappointment in the proposed changes to dispel mechanics because they’re giving resto an honest-to-goodness AoE heal in the form of Healing Rain (Is the graphic going to be amazing? Please let the graphic be amazing!), which might be just enough to bring back some novelty to raid-healing again.

As long as the stat changes don’t make gearing her more obnoxious than it already is, I’m very much looking forward to playing Krikket in Cataclysm now.