So far, in my “all classes to 80” project, I have:

  • Four complete (shaman, warrior, warlock and priest).
  • Three above level 60 (paladin, druid, and rogue).
  • One at level 58 (mage).
  • Two I fail miserably at (deathknight and hunter).

Now, even though it’s highly likely that I will be starting from scratch on the druid, rogue, and mage (damn you server transfers!), I know that I can play all of those classes well enough to not be totally miserable while doing it. It’s the death knight and the hunter that are really bothering me.

My experience with failing to level a death knight have been limited – I’ve made a couple that I just poked at the starting area for a few minutes and then deleted. I made one on Bronzebeard that I got played through the entire starting area, but then got waylaid by my obsession with having professions leveling, and while I was in the middle of working on blacksmithing and mining, we stopped playing much on that server. I’ve now made a brand new death knight on Azgalor named Koraline (she’s a creepy little gnome!) who will receive my attention and plate heirlooms after I finish up with Norrah.

But hunters. I have a love hate relationship with them.

What seems like forever ago now, I made a blood elf hunter on Bronzebeard. I don’t even remember her name now; what I remember is thinking “OMG, what is wrong with her neck?!” through about 20 levels. She was deleted when I first started toying with the idea of leveling all the classes – having only 10 character slots, and wanting all my characters on the same faction meant that Horde had to be somewhere that wasn’t Bronzebeard. No big loss, really.

Since then? I have made not one, not two, but FIVE other hunters.

I don’t think the image is big enough for you to see the theme, but my hunter-ing tends to peter our complete between levels 12 – 15 (we won’t talk about the hunter that didn’t make it out of the starting area and is still level 5. Nope. We won’t talk about that at all).

My boyfriend theorizes that’s because 1 – 10 are all about the anticipation of having a pet. Once the pet quest is complete, there’s not a lot to look forward to except a lot of arrow- or bullet-shooting. I think it has more to do with the level 10 – 20 zones; those are tough for me on any character because I’ve done them so many times and it always feels like so much time is spent walking and very little is spent actually doing anything.

In the last couple of days, since I made the image posted above, Lilah has gotten three more levels. Fifteen is certainly nothing to get excited about, I know, but … maybe I’ll make it this time. She’s got her heirlooms, and I keep poking away at her because someday? I want to have a a monkey pet. And I need to grow my little spacegoat hunter a lot bigger in order to get one.